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    Seasoned Name Hunters

    Our gender scan is in 20 days and counting. I have this feeling it is a boy. Not that either of us prefer a boy- we would be equally happy with either! Truly no preference. The only thing that sways me to wanting a girl is the fact that girls names have been SO easy for us. We are pretty dead set on Cora, with back up possibilities or Ivy or Scarlett. Our first choice right now is Callen for a boy. But I just don't love it! I think I could grow to love it, and I do like the nickname Cal. But I'd like to explore some other options, in case it is a boy, so I don't have a panic attack after the scan about what we will name it! I'm pretty sure my husband and I have talked about EVERY boys names out there (or so it seems). So I need your help to think out of the box!

    My style- strong and classic, soft yet sweet. Think Parker, Jameson, Benjamin. I also have a super soft spot for Irish names (I suppose more Americanized irish names, not super Gaelic). I love Connor, Liam, Seamus, Declan, Rory! I want a name I can picture on a little bundled up baby in cords, an irish cable knit sweater, and a cute little hat! Rosy cheeks and all. But something that is also sort of layed back.

    My husbands style- I'm not so sure of this still. I know he likes names with hard 'k' or 'c' sounds. Some names he has suggested, which I quickly vetoed- Conrad, Merrick, Kier, Ignatius, Taj. Like I said, not a whole lot of a common thread here. So it is hard to peg down things he likes. I do know what he does not like. 'Boring' classics (William, James, Fred). He doesn't like Bible names. I guess he likes strong names. He loves to surf, so anything that sounds surfery or 'cool' he likes. His family is of German heritage, so he sort of takes a fancy to some german names.

    Our styles are really hard to mesh, unfortunately. So any help would be appreciated! Extra points for names with ties to the literary world, or history in the 1800-mid1900's. Vintage is nice.

    This is one for the seasoned name hunters!!!


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    What about Magnus, with the nn Gus? I love that name Or Cormac? Callen is very handsome, but I know two Caelin's who are girls (one is spelled differently, though)! Nevin is a name I find sweet but versatile! Also Hewitt, Kaius, Gulliver, Torin, Ames, Wellington, Cove ....boys names are hard, imo. To find that balance between rugged yet sweet, solid yet not too common....(Also so MANY boy names waft over to the girls....) From your list I love Jameson with the nn Jem or Ames! Rafferty nn Reef might work well for both of you, too. Good luck!

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    Thanks! Cove is interesting. Not sure I would be brave enough to use it. I LOVE the nickname Jem for Jameson. Just not hubbys taste.

    Lots more suggestions welcome!

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    Let's see...

    Cillian/Killian (Irish for you, hard C/K sound for hubby)
    Timothy ('s a Bible name, so probably no? But it's soft and sweet while still being masculine.)
    Caian (rhymes with Ryan; a Welsh form of Caius)
    Emrys (the Welsh form of Ambrose, meaning "immortal"; one of Merlin's names)

    Best wishes! Any of these hit near the mark?
    "He telleth the number of the stars; He calleth them all by their names."
    Psalm 147:4

    Our little Bump is due Jan-Feb 2018! Contemplating:
    Tobias ~ Jedidiah ~ Ransom
    Elanor ~ Deliverance ~ Polly

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    Coulter comes to mind (COLE-ter). There is an irish folk song, or is it scottish?? Called Coulter's Candy (Ally Bally Bee)'s really sweet, I used to sing it to my first born.

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