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    Harrison Harper...too much?

    I adore the name Harrison, but our last name is Harper. I am concerned that Harrison Harper is just too much. What do you think?

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    Hopefully, the middle name isn't Hugh. If you don't mind alliteration, you could pull it off. I'd also avoid a middle name that could also be a surname or starts with a vowel (no HAH, HEH, etc).
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    Independent of one another, Harrison and Harper are fantastic names. But Harrison Harper (or the potential Harry Harper), is too much, in my mind.

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    I have alliterative initials and I still can't figure out what my parents were thinking. Please don't make your kid sound like a cartoon character! Not fun.

    You might consider Ariston as an alternative. It's a Greek name, common in ancient times (shared by a ruler of Sparta and a poet/scholar, among others). Less common and sounds a bit swankier than Harrison.
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    I like it, actually. The "Har-" at the beginning of Harrison and Harper sound different, and that helps.

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