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    Name the Babies, G5 Results (wanderlux)

    Thanks everyone! The next round will be with completely new characters.

    Family #1: Collins
    Nora and Charlie work in the television industry as producers. They have a son, Ben (17), a daughter, April (14), triplets, Stella, Nora and Ted (12) and son, Chris (10).

    DW: Nora Sage
    DH: Charlie Graham

    DS: Benjamin Henry (misshoppy)
    DD: April Elizabeth (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD/DD/DS: Stella Penelope & Nora Katharine & Theodore Adam (shanade213 + bb)
    DS: Christopher Lloyd (essjay)

    Family #2: Haire
    Mila and Will met at a concert when they were seventeen. They had a daughter, Adele (18), a son, Harris (16), another daughter, Essie (13) and a son, Dylan (10).

    DW: Camilla Shay
    DH: Will Owen

    DD: Adele Marie (waverly1234)
    DS: Harrison Owen (shanade213)
    DD: Presley Camille (lifesaboutmusic)
    DS: Dylan Oliver (shanade213)

    Family #3: Ellis
    Serena and George work in government and they have a son, John (19) a daughter, Madeleine (16), triplets, Margaret, Henry and Eric (14) and twins, Sarah and Nora (10).

    DW: Serena Basia
    DH: George Otis

    DS: John Vincent (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD: Madeleine Athena (misshoppy)
    DD/DS/DS: Margaret Elsa/Henry Julian/Eric Andreas (bb)
    DD/DD: Sarah Rebecca & Eleanor Magdalene (shanade213)

    Family #4: Espinoza
    Rose and King met volunteering at their local animal shelter when they were just twelve years old. Now they have a baby boy, Kingsley (22), twins, Reilly and Atticus (18), a son, Sebastian (14) and twins, Sasha and Trevor (10).

    DW: Rosemary Marley
    DH: Kingston Alder

    DS: Kingsley Maxwell (bb)
    DD/DS: Ireland Maya & Atticus Mason (lifesaboutmusic)
    DS: Sebastian Marco (savbav)
    DD/DS: Sasha Madeline & Trevor Michael (oboeplayer1)

    Family #5: Hunt
    Adelaide and Ted met in college, he a science major and she an art major. They have a daughter, Rosie (18), triplets, Tess, Luna and Orion (17) another daughter, Imogen (12) and a last little boy, Ansel (10).

    DW: Adelaide Louise
    DH: Theodore Caspian

    DD: Rosalind Eliot (bb)
    DD/DD/DS: Tesla Kennedy, Luna Quinn & Orion Parker (oboeplayer1)
    DD: Imogen Finley (bb)
    DS: Ansel Bailey

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