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    In need of a second middle

    We are having trouble deciding on a second middle name for our son. We definitely want two middles. We are also debating which order we want the first name and middle name (Stellan Theodore or Theodore Stellan). He will go by his first name (unless he chooses otherwise). For a second middle, we were thinking Stellan Theodore Andrew, but I don't like how the syllables lay out. So help us?

    Stellan Theodore or Theodore Stellan?
    What second middle?

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    Theodore Stellan Rain (TBE 12.09.13)

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    Stellan Theodore Jack, maybe? Thedore Stellan Mark, Theodore Stellan Jack?

    I'm voting Theodore as the first, but I have a Silas Theodore so I'm biased
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    Choices: Stellan-Theodore-Andrew

    Stellan Theodore Andrew doesn't sound wonderful but is easier to say and sounds better than Theodore Stellan Andrew.

    Secondly, Theodore Andrew Stellan sounds pretty good to me.

    To make it sound better in regards to syllables, I would suggest shortening one name to make it less choppy. Example, instead of Theodore, you could use just Theo. Instead of Andrew, you could use just Drew.

    Theodore Stellan Drew sounds a little better to me. Or Anderson Theo sounds really handsome. I could give more suggestions, and I will, but maybe share some of the other names you like so I have something to base my suggestions on...
    Other Ideas:
    Anderson Theo Stellan
    Theodore Allen
    Theodore Elliott
    Theodore Stellan Archer
    Theodore Andrew Tobin
    Anderson Theo Stellan
    Jeffrey *Theodore Jeffrey Stellan

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