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    Fleur Sylvia! Gorgeous. Fleur Rosalie is a little too flowery. Fleur Sylvia would mean "flower from the forest." I think that's cute.

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    Congrats on your little girl!
    Save Yves for your son. A name similar to Eve is Eva but it's different enough from Yves that you could use it. Otherwise, I would go with Fleur. I love all your middle names, pick whichever you like the most, flows with your last name, or has special significance to you.
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    Fleur Sylvia - two of my favourite names and a brilliant combination
    Fleur Rosalie works well too, double flower connection too which is sweet

    If you love Yves more than Eve and are planning on having a second child I wouldn't use Eve, if you're second child is a girl and you don't plan on having more you could use Eve then, at least that would be my take on that situation
    I feel that Sivan has more pronunciation problems than Fleur and would be more difficult but that's just my opinion I've never even heard of the name before so it might just be that it's unfamiliar to me

    Congratulations of your beautiful daughter any name you choose will be perfect
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    Fluer Olivia

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    I vote for Fleur - lovely to see this Dark Ages' name alive and lucky! Fleur Sylvia is such a stunning combo!
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