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Thread: Arthur

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    I really like both Henry and Arthur. I'm not a fan of Art - just too abrupt sounding for me - but love Arthur.

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    Arthur's fantastic! I like Arthur Somers as a combo, too. I have trouble seeing Art on a baby, because the one I knew was a very awesome grownup (a rather curmudgeonly news guy I adored and respected), but Art on a teen or adult works for me.

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    I love Arthur! Don't love Art though. I like Henry a lot, too, but prefer Arthur. Although I may be biased because that is my son's middle name
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    Although I like Arthur, I find it dissimilar in style to Henry. Why don't you look at the "If You Like Henry, You Might Love..." list? Here's the link:
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    * 21 other baby name rules worth following

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    Both are lovely but I do prefer Arthur. Great choice! Arthur Henry!
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