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Thread: Arthur

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    My wife and I are struggling to come up with a boy's name (our son is due in 3 days).

    We like Henry a lot but are worried it's too popular. We thought a "Henry-like" name that wasn't as popular but had the same classic-cool sound was Arthur or Art for short. Our last name is Somers.

    Any thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea?

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    I like both Henry and Arthur. I like Arthur marginally better and Art is a cool nn!

    Just a side note... If you go with Arthur make sure you don't use a middle name starting with S to avoid the initials ASS.
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    I really love both Henry and Arthur, so I don't think you can go wrong whichever you choose.
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    Love Arthur. Don't really like Art though. Another option: Alfred nn Alfie. I like Arthur more than Alfred, but Alfie more than Art. Other ideas
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    Arthur is my all time favourite boys name, I absolutely adore it!

    Other "classic-cool" names:
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