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    We Cannot Decide

    We cannot decide on a boys name.

    Our son is one week past his due date, but at least it's buying us time to make a name decision.

    Why is this so difficult?

    After making several "Yes, this is THE name" decisions, we've both arrived back at the drawing board after finding fault with one name or another. We also have several personal favorites that don't resonate with each other.

    Can you help us to narrow down the lists, provide critique, and/or offer suggestions?

    On my list...

    - Jude - DH thinks this is too feminine
    - Easton - DH does not like
    - Stellan - DH does not like
    - Enzo
    - Ford
    - Hugo
    - Malone
    - Everett / Rhett - My father's middle name
    - Thaddeus / Tad - My father's first name
    - Quincy

    On his list...

    - John / Johnny - His father's name, but I can't bring myself to name my two children Jane and John
    - Robert / Bobby - I LOVE Bobby but HATE Robert / Bob, which I assume will become his adult variation
    - Lennon - We're both big into the Beatles, but this name might fall to Lenny / Len, which I do not like
    - William - I can't do a top 10 name. I just can't.

    Names we both love, but can't use for whatever reason...

    - Harrison / Harry
    - Peter
    - Leopold / Leo

    Keeping in mind...

    - Our last name is 2 syllables
    - Our last name begins and ends with an S
    - Our last name contains an -ER, which takes names like Carter, Miller, et al off the list for us
    - Our daughter is named Jane
    - This is likely our last child
    - My DH is drawn to traditional names
    - I like traditional but unique names. Think Linus and Simon (which are out because of our last name)

    Bless you, in advance.

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