View Poll Results: which is your favorite boys name!?! you can mix and match in comments..

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  • Levi Walker Gross

    79 48.77%
  • Luke Edward Gross

    35 21.60%
  • Leland Ryan Gross

    19 11.73%
  • Colton Wayne Gross

    10 6.17%
  • George Seron Gross

    19 11.73%
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    I voted for Colton! I love the name, its a strong sounding name that works great as a child and in adulthood, and the nn options of Cole/Colt is great!

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    I voted for Levi, but I was torn between Levi Walker & George Seron
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    Luke Edward, with Levi Walker as a close second. Both are really handsome, but Luke is just one of my very favorites. Would it be Lucas Edward, or just Luke Edward?
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    Welcome to Nameberry! It's nice to have a rare male point-of-view! Here are my thoughts on your combos.

    Levi Walker - this combo flows well together but with your surname, it sounds like an awkward sentence (eg. your Levi jeans "walk her" and it's gross! Since we don't often use our mn, I can overlook it!
    Luke Edward - I like both names but Luke is too abrupt and harsh with your surname. Gross needs a two-syllable or more first name.
    Leland Ryan - I like Leland as it "softens" your last name.
    Colton Wayne - too comboyish with Gross.
    George Seron - I like the name but George has the same problem that Luke does. One syllable and too harsh.

    Faves: Levi and Leland. Levi George or Leland George would be great combos too!
    All the best,

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    Althought i prefer Edward as a first name i love Luke Edward as a combo .
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