View Poll Results: which is your favorite boys name!?! you can mix and match in comments..

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  • Levi Walker Gross

    79 48.77%
  • Luke Edward Gross

    35 21.60%
  • Leland Ryan Gross

    19 11.73%
  • Colton Wayne Gross

    10 6.17%
  • George Seron Gross

    19 11.73%
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    Husband creates boy name poll on wife's account.. please vote!

    Wife is always talking about this naming website, so i thought i would try making my own poll. I like all these names so please which one you like or dislike and why thxs

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    I was stuck between Levi Walker and George Seron but the K in Walker is slightly tricky to say with your surname.

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    Levi Walker flows well and sounds good with your last name, plus Levi is such a handsome name!
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    Great names. Ultimately, I voted for Leland for its unique charm but un-obscure tone. Levi, George, and Luke seem so over-used lately, and Colton just doesn't resonate.

    Good luck!

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    I love the Luke, Levi and George combinations. All the names have classic, handsome strength. I voted for Luke as it's always been a favourite of mine and I rarely see it. I like Leland and Colton far less. Colton seems to be trendy and lacks substance, and Leland sounds too much like a last name for my taste.

    Best of luck! You have a great list!

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