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Thread: 4. Too Similar?

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    4. Too Similar?

    I'm working on a character list for one of my books and just realized I might have a problem. The main character is Tavi (it's a nn). Tavi's brother is married to a women named Mariel. I was planning on Tavi naming his daughter Mara. If he named his daughter Mara would it seem like he was naming her after Mariel?

    Also, Tavi's other children are Tyler and Penny but I don't like the name Penelope. What are some other names that Penny could be a nickname for? Does Mara 'go with' Tyler and Penny?

    And if Mara is too similar, what other names would you suggest to go with Tyler and Penny? (It can't start with B.)

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    I would think Mara was named after Aunt Mariel, unless it was explicitly stated she wasn't. You could display it in quite a witty comment, for example:

    "One of the questions I get asked most is whether I was named after my Aunt Mariel. My response usually runs along the line of 'do you think my parents would name me after a chain-smoking, beer-swigging tart who cheats on my uncle frequently?' which does the job of shutting them up."

    The only other full name for Penny I can think of is Aspen, but I don't think Penelope and Tyler match at all, they evoke completely different parentage to me - Penelope is quite upper class, whereas Tyler is quite chavvy. At least, that's the UK perception of said names, it might be different in the States.

    If you like the -ara sound: Cara/Kara, Lara, Zara, Clara, Tara, Sara (though can be pronounced the same way as Sarah so maybe not the best option)

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