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    If Annabelle wants she could be a male character. Especially if she has short hair but even if it's long, you can pin it up and hide it under a hat. Peter Pan is easy- just a green shirt and pants, and the hat probably isn't hard to make if you can sew. For Aladdin she could just wear loose pants, a plain t-shirt and a vest (I don't think he wears shoes but depending on where you live Annabelle could wear sandals, that looks Middle Eastern).

    If you don't want to make anything or buy a full costume, see if a slightly older friend or cousin has something to lend her.

    For yourself, you can just wear whatever you'd want to wear even if the character wasn't pregnant- I don't think anyone's really going to bat an eyelid. Otherwise you could just wear something Hallowe'en-y- e.g. a shirt with pumpkins or skulls on it, spiders in your hair if it's long enough, a face mask, or paint your face in a weird colour.
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    I went to the Halloween party at Walt Disney world a couple of weeks ago and someone took an umbrella and attached crepe paper to it and put some kind of flashing light under the umbrella to make it look like the jellyfish from finding nemo. She had some kind of pink outfit on to go with the pink umbrella and crepe paper. It looked really cute and was something I never would have thought of.

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    Thanks for the ideas! Annabelle has decided she wants to be Ariel. I'm going to put her in tights but pin a mermaid tail to the back. That way there are no dresses or fussy skirts getting in her way
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    One fun activity you can do with her for an Ariel costume is a necklace... Use a piece of colorful string/thread/hemp, and string on beads/rocks/shells from a recent trip? Its a lot of fun for the little ones!
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