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    Yesterdaymy 2 year old son couldn't stop talking about the little girl in his class, Emily. Except that he coukdnt pronounce her name correctly so it sounds like he's say Emme/Emmy. It was just too cute (I think he has a little crush heh).

    I was pretty convinced if this next one is a girl that her name would be Sonja Wren. I've very hooked on that name right now....until I heard Emme. I'm really starting to like it! I searched for other underused names that could have the nickname Emme - came up with Emmeline and Emory/Emery though this one seems to be more often used for boys (though sounds feminine to me). What do you think? Are there others out ther I haven't found?

    I still really like Sonja and Wren will almost definitely stand as the middle name. Maybe I'll be in for a shock and there's twin girls! Probably not but a girl can dream

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    My niece is Emilie and my 2-year-old calls her Emmy, and it's adorable -- I love hearing little kids pronounce names. Emilie is named after our grandmother who was Emilia, so that could be another option. I also knew someone named Mary Elizabeth who went by M.E. (prn. Emmy). Those two particular names obviously aren't your style, but if you can find two other names for the first and middle with an M and E and maybe have Wren as a second middle, that might give you another option. Good luck!

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    Emmeline Sonja is cute what about Emilia Wren?
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    I'd like to stay away from Emily/Emilie given how common it is. Emilia seems a little too close and, if I pronouncing it correctly, sounds very similar to Amelia.

    Interesting idea on the M.E. initials - I may try to play around with that!

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    I think Emily is popular but not trendy. Some other options you might consider.....

    Euphemie/ Euphemia

    Or almost any name that starts with 'M' or you could give her the initials of M E
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