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Thread: Magma

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    I was sitting all bored in science class today, counting the seconds until the bell rang until a word in the book caught my eye. Magma. I got to thinking that would be a cool name for a girl! WDYT?

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    It's a cool name in theory, but maybe an alternative like Magga would be more practical? I can't help thinking of volcanoes wreaking havoc on people/cities when I hear Magma.

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    My first connotation is with the type of motorcycle called the Honda Magma. My brother has one

    I can see the appeal, but I feel like Magna would be prettier.
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    Magda--yes; magma--no. Would you really want to be named for volcanic ooze?

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    It's like naming your kid Lava or Volcano. Theoretically plausible, but as rkrd said, would you really want to be named after it?
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