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    Please help us name our baby girl!!!

    Hello everyone! I've posted on here several times during this pregnancy because I've been struggling with naming our daughter, who is due within the next few weeks. Since we haven't settled on a name, I thought I would post one last time to get as much feedback as possible. So please bear with me and my indecisiveness. We've decided that we will make our final decision after we meet her; however, I would like to go in with a couple of definite choices that I know that we'd love no matter what. Our other children are Simon, Olivia, and Daphne.

    Our choices are:


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    I love Isla. It's one of my daughter's names and I still think it is gorgeous. I actually also think that from your list it is the one that works best with your sibset. The other one I think goes well is Juliet.
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    I think from your list Bianca or Juliet would fit the best with the other names. Juliana seem like it fits especially well with Olivia and Daphne though.
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    I think either Bianca or Juliet would be best.
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    So many great names! I love your choice of Daphne

    From your list my favorites, in no particular order, Isla, Bianca, Nadia and Victoria.

    I think 3 syllables work best with your sibset so for that reason I would toss Isla (though it's a long-time favorite of mine). Bianca seems to strike me the most. So I'm going to vote Bianca.

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