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    Noah, Ella, Joseph and ???

    I would like some berries to help me with a name for my next child. Not expecting yet but pretty sure we would like 4 children. What name do you see working with Noah, Ella and Joseph. I will take suggestions for boys or girls but have most difficulty with girls names.

    I would like it to work with the middle names Juliet, Elizabeth or Annelise but am not set on those if you have another suggestion

    Ella is Elissa with Hebrew name of Eliana which is what we actually use half the time, not Elissa (Its complicated
    Joseph is Joseph never Joe, though nickname Seph is appealing to me and sometimes I think I'm starting to like Joe (hes only a few mos so no nicknames right now and may never have one
    Noah , naming him was easy

    I just want to know what you would name the next one
    Im kind of liking Faye: I like its ties to Ella's meaning but is it too dated?
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    I like Juliet out of your options! I sounds really sweet with your brood!

    Other Ideas that I think fit well...

    Georgia** (my personal fave.... Noah, Ella, Joseph and Georgia sounds lovely!)

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