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    What are your favorite guilty pleasure names??

    I'm curious what y'alls GP baby names are??

    What names do you love and why, and what about them makes you think... "I love it, but I can't use it"? Or are your GP's more so names that you are considering, but others don't seem to share the same vision?
    I think I'm in the middle on this one. Haha.

    I love hearing about unusual names!!

    My GP list?

    - Neptune
    No idea why, but there's a restaurant in Ca. called Neptune's Net that my parents would frequent growing up. Somehow I thought this would be a cute name for girl nevermind nn's or how she'd wear this into adulthood. Besides, she'll fit right in with fellow classmates Apple, Blanket and Rainbow Brite! Lol.

    - Novis
    Love, love, love this name. It means "chasing butterflies." I kind of like this one in the middle spot, simply because I can't think of a daring name to follow it.

    - Dandelion
    I love dandelions and what they represent. Dreams flying off into the wind..... nn Dani. I think this one is the least likely of a name to be reality. But I still think it's precious!

    - Whimsy
    I just love how it sounds. I think it evokes the same feeling as Waverly, but I can't seem to decide how I feel about Waverly. lol.

    - Canary
    I've yet to receive any positive feedback on this one. Even so, I still love this as a first name. A bold choice, I know. Just can't seem to get over it. And anyways, I don't understand how Canary is different from Wren, Lark, Robin, Dove etc. I love the sound of nn Nary. Plus canary's are yellow... my Momma's fav color, hehe

    - Stevia
    Different from Honey or Candy/Candee. Nature name. And a nod to my Daddy, Steven. Though, my mom actually likes this one so Stevia may not be totally off the table.

    Mary Poppins/Mary Pippin
    Hah, yes...seriously. I love Mary Poppins, and thought of course it'd be too much for a kid to handle....but maybe a little tweaking and Pippin could work instead? Hahaha. Idk. Perhaps it'd be a name I'd regret sooner or later.

    So...what are your GP's?

    Crushing on:

    Winslet Paloma * Magnolia * Acacia * Eleanora Jane * Everly * Canary * Lotus

    Luca James * Ethan Roy * Anthony Paul

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