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    Let's talk about Audrey!

    Since I can't seem to narrow down these new crushes of mine, I figured I'd take a bit deeper of a look at each one individually, and maybe I can make some decisions (and find a combo for the ones I want to keep!). First up is Audrey--out of all of the new favorites, this one has been growing on me for a long time and I feel like it's a favorite of the new favorites. It feels like a more timeless version of my name, which I love--since one of the things I dislike about Ashley is that it's so trendy.

    WDYT of Audrey? What sort of little person do you picture with the name? Do you think it suits my other favorites, or is it too non-frills (or even too vintage?) for the rest of my list? And--I don't want to ask this, but I feel I should--is it too close to Ashley?

    And I'm not going to go all-out on combos yet, but I'd take suggestions if you want to offer them. I'm thinking something really pretty, soft, to soften up Audrey a little. I don't feel that it's harsh, but I do feel that it is harsher than a lot of my favorites, if that makes sense. I like Audrey Camellia so far, but I'm not the hugest fan of the one Camellia I know, so I'm not sure I'm terribly interested in using it. I have liked Audrey Evangeline in the past, but I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore.

    Thanks, ladies!
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    I love Audrey too - more than the popularity, the harshness of the name has always swayed me and kept me from adding it to my list.

    I have synesthesia, and Audrey is far on the warm side of the spectrum for me. It's a warm orange, an intense color like fire. (Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright, in the forests of the night...).

    (Judging by your sig) I don't think Audrey is too different, frilly or vintage from your other names.
    Is Audrey too close to Ashley? I feel so, unfortunately.

    I think Audrey Camellia is pretty good! I like Audrey Celeste and Audrey Sylvia.
    Edit: Audrey Florence.
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    I love Audrey It works perfectly with your other names It's hard to say what I picture a little Audrey looking like, as I've never met one, but I imagine one being sweet and lovely to deal with! I have Audrey on my list, so these are the combos I have with it.

    Audrey Florence
    Audrey Olivia
    Audrey Beatrice
    Audrey Nicolette
    Audrey Sophia
    Audrey Cassandra
    Audrey Eleanora
    Audrey Elizabeth

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    I really like Audrey. It's classy, feminine and works on a little girl or a grown woman. I think Audrey would be really pretty with Isabelle, Olivia, Rachel, Charlotte or Tess from your signature. If you like nicknames, Drina is a bit of a stretch, but it's really pretty and makes Audrey more frilly. I think an Audrey could be anyone. It's girly enough to wear pink and boyish enough to climb trees, and it wouldn't be too much for a shy girl to handle. I really like names that could suit any personality - Persephone is gorgeous, but if you haven't got the personality it really doesn't work.

    It might be kind of close to Ashley, but I wouldn't worry about it. If you were deliberately naming a child after yourself, that would be one thing, but if you just happen to like a name that sounds kind of like your name it's not really an issue in my opinion.

    Audrey Camellia and Audrey Evangeline are both beautiful combinations. I can't really think of anything to offer -- Audrey Estelle? Audrey Penelope?

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    Audrey is a wonderful name! Audrey Hepburn and Shakespeare and classic. I see a preppy little girl with a tomboy streak. I rather like its difficult to make a nn for it because then any nn could be a special pet name that isn't necessarily part of her name.

    I think it fits your other names- it goes well with Charlotte and Catherine.
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