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Thread: MN for Fletcher

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    MN for Fletcher

    The hubby and I have yet to agree on a MN for our son, due in 3 weeks.

    He wants John or Carl after his GF/Uncle, but I like more unique names. I understand the sentimental side of it, which is why I am entertaining it because I know it would mean a lot to him. That said, I would love to compromise with Jonathan, but he is adamant that it's not the same name, but would do Jack or Jackson. Jackson is too trendy for me and I don't love Fletcher Jack together. It sounds too choppy. HELP!

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    Fletcher Jonathan Carl sounds good to me.

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    Before I opened the thread, I was going to suggest Donovan (which more or less rhymes with Jonathan). I like Fletcher with a three syllable middle rather than a single syllable. That said, honor names are special. Both John and Jonathan are good choices in my book.

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    Is Fletcher negotiable? I adore Jack, and John is nice in combination w/other names--even John Carl or John Charles as a double name. Fletcher just makes me think of the rolls of fat on a morbidly obese person. Not sure why.

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