View Poll Results: Which middle for Jack?

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  • Jack August

    7 15.91%
  • Jack David

    6 13.64%
  • Jack Everett

    12 27.27%
  • Jack Wilder

    15 34.09%
  • Jack Roman

    4 9.09%
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    Aug 2012
    Jack Wilder is fantastic!

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    Sep 2013
    I chose Jack David because David is a name that runs on my dads side of the family and all the David's are super smart, gentle, and patient men, so I'm a little biased! My least favorite is Wilder because I don't understand why that's a childs FN or MN. It sounds like a last name to me.

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    Oct 2013
    Thank you so much for the comments and feedback! We were actually leaning towards Jack Everett and Jack Wilder already, so this makes me feel really good about those choices and has definitely helped us narrow down the list. We have agreed to remove David (family name, but feels too ordinary compared to the rest of the names) and Roman (too choppy) from the list. I still have a soft spot for August (the only other family name on the list) and am not sure that I am ready to give up on that option just yet.

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