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    Alright, so I'm nowhere near the time of bearing children, but it doesn't hurt to think right?

    Anyway, my father is a capital H, huge fan of John Wayne, and his favorite film is The Shootist. One of the main actors is Lauren Bacall, and her characters name is Bond Rogers. I remember when I was younger, about ten or twelve, he always said he thought it would be a cool name for a girl. So, I put that little bit of information away and I've been thinking about it a lot. I also thought about using it for a middle name.

    What do you fellow Berries think about Bond, as a first name for a little girl? What about middle names?

    I've been thinking about;

    Bond Sophia
    Bond Penelope
    Delilah Bond
    Thalia Bond
    Lore (Lore-uh) Bond
    Della Bond

    Any suggestions are welcome!
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