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    Alright, so I'm nowhere near the time of bearing children, but it doesn't hurt to think right?

    Anyway, my father is a capital H, huge fan of John Wayne, and his favorite film is The Shootist. One of the main actors is Lauren Bacall, and her characters name is Bond Rogers. I remember when I was younger, about ten or twelve, he always said he thought it would be a cool name for a girl. So, I put that little bit of information away and I've been thinking about it a lot. I also thought about using it for a middle name.

    What do you fellow Berries think about Bond, as a first name for a little girl? What about middle names?

    I've been thinking about;

    Bond Sophia
    Bond Penelope
    Delilah Bond
    Thalia Bond
    Lore (Lore-uh) Bond
    Della Bond

    Any suggestions are welcome!
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    I really don't like it. As far as word names, it's not even that pleasant a word. Your reasoning is nice, but I just don't think it works really well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larkub101 View Post
    I really don't like it. As far as word names, it's not even that pleasant a word. Your reasoning is nice, but I just don't think it works really well.
    I agree with larkub101.

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    I like the thought behind it, but most people will think James Bond, stocks and bonds, bondage, etc. Not wearable, and I don't like it on a guy either.

    The Shootist is a great movie, but you may as well go for Katie (The Sons of Katie Elder), Hallie (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance), Pat (his last lover), Mary Antonia or Melinda (his daughters), Mattie (True Grit), Kathleen (Rio Grande), or Mary Kate (The Quiet Man).

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    I don't like it as a first name, for either gender, but especially on a girl. The first thing I thought about is bondage and how she might be the butt of horrid sexual remarks for the entirety of her life. (It's unfortunate to think about, but I feel like that is the world we live in these days...)
    As a middle name, its ok. Definitely more workable as a middle name, especially if you have a super feminine first name, it might be kind of cool to throw Bond in there to offset it. Delilah Bond from your list accomplishes this I think.
    Like larkub101 said: your reasoning behind wanting to use the name is nice, but I would really think this one through before assigning it to a little girl.

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