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    Keeping the name a secret?

    I am wondering how many people out there keep their baby's name a secret until the birth, and why? Does anyone have any stories or examples of what happened to them, or any advice on how to approach the baby name reveal?

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    Personally, I am traditional and think that the baby's sex and name should be kept secret from everyone til birth. Of course most people can't keep secrets and I find myself in the minority. Keeping the name a surprise is nice. Something should be a surprise. People know the approximate due date, they also might chose to find out, and tell people if it is a boy or girl, then on top of that they tell the name? The only thing people won't know is the baby's weight.
    I also think that it if people know the name you have chosen, there might be people that won't care for the name, and you might find this out and feel bad. The could even try to sway you into changing the name. I say, force the name on them! Haha The baby can be introduced to everyone and they will be so delighted that they might keep negative comments about the name to themselves.

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    We plan on keeping the name a secret from everyone until it is on the birth certificate. Family and friends are going to love the baby, no matter the name, and the only people who should get to choose the name are the mom and dad. My little sister (who is 7+ years away from having children of her own) knows our unchanging short list of names, so, she will have a very good idea of the baby's name, but she is the only one who will even have a clue. I discuss names with friends and some family, but they don't know the actual ones I consider.

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    I think you should keep the name a secret until birth because it is kind of bad luck if you do . Think of it this way. lets say, god forbid, that your son/ daughter to be unexpectedly dies, you have already told people that the baby is good and well, let people think about the child as a person with an identity and a name, and perhaps an attachment to the idea of the child but now he/she is no more, thus you have made the whole process more painful for everyone else....just my stance. Also, you avoid a lot of people telling you they don't like the name, and in general it just keeps people in suspence!
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    We kept our baby's name a secret until birth. We also didn't find out the gender ahead of time. I think that made it easier to keep the secret because nobody expected us to be settled on a name without knowing whether it was a boy or a girl. Some people still asked, but we just said we were still narrowing it down and left it at that.

    We decided to keep the gender and name a surprise because we thought it was fun, but also because we didn't want to hear anyone else's opinion. It's hard enough for two people to agree on a name, letting other people weigh in can only complicate the issue and cause you to second guess yourselves. I don't think we would have actually changed our choices based on anyone else's opinions (especially considering the people in our lives who are most likely to be vocal about these things also have pretty questionable taste) but it's such a personal decision and being hormonal, I think it was good just to avoid getting my feelings hurt.

    My sister and one of my friends both shared their babies' names before birth and then ended up changing their minds. Nobody said anything to them of course, but the majority of people liked their first choices better, so it was a bit of a letdown. The names they went with aren't bad or anything, I think people just got attached, you know? Because of that, I would feel hesitant to share the name before birth, even though we may find out the gender next time, because I wouldn't want to feel like I couldn't change my mind if I wanted to.
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