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    I love it. Endearing, warm, and jazzy. Also, the "Milo and Otis," association is a positive one for me and Milo is on my short list.

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    Otis is all right.. The two things I think of are: 1. Otis is a great name for a dog. 2. Otis elevator company. I do think that Otis would go great with some names like Milo, Oliver, and Emmett

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    I think of "The Adventures of Milo and Otis", the show about the dog and cat. It's a really cute show. Otis isn't a favorite, but it's certainly not terrible.

    Margot, Adele, Jane & Arthur, Felix, Simon

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    I think of Otis the clumsy oaf sidekick to Lex Luther in the Superman movies....

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    I love Otis & would love to use it if my as yet unborn baby turns out to be a boy, I think it sounds cool & jazzy & puts me in mind of a laid back musician. My elder son is called Jude & I think Jude & Otis make a really cool sibset. Unfortunately my partner doesn't like it :-( so its back to the drawing board for me....

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