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    Your Diamond Wedding Anniversary (HUGE family).

    It's your Diamond Wedding Anniversary and all your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are celebrating. You and your husband are very happy to sit back and look at everything you have achieved in your lives. You have a GIGANTIC family.

    Use this 12 sided dice:

    Roll to see how many children you have. Roll for each child to find out their gender. Even = Female: Odd = Male.

    Roll again to see how many children each of your children have (grand-children), Roll again to find out the genders of your grand-children. Even = Female: Odd = Male.

    Then roll AGAIN to see how many children each of your grand-children have. You can choose to leave them childless if you wish. Roll once more to find out the genders of your grand-children. Even = Female: Odd = Male.

    You now know how many family members you have, and can name them all using your favourite names. Add surnames and decide if any are multiples.

    I'll add my answer below.


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    DH: Thomas Edward White, 88
    DW: Rose Juliet White, nee Burns, 89

    Rose's and Thomas' children:

    Matthew Gabriel White, 64
    Sadie Primrose Garcia, 60
    Elizabeth Lily Daniels, 59
    Julia Flora Lindqvist, 55

    Matthew's family:

    Wife: Sarah Isabelle White, 61
    Rosalind Scarlett Olivier, 29
    DH: Sebastien Gilbert Olivier, 31
    - Seraphine Jolie Olivier, 3
    - Matthieu Julian Olivier, 2
    Christian John White, 28
    Alexandra Rose Michaels, 26
    DH: Jack Oliver Michaels, 34
    - Ella Christianna Michaels, 4

    Sadie's family:
    DH: Arturo Alesso Garcia, 58
    Alessandro Felipe Garcia, 30
    DW: Annabelle Florence Garcia, 27
    - Gaia Alessandra Garcia, 8

    Elizabeth's family
    DH: James Emmet Daniels, 59
    Declan Philip Daniels, 27
    DW: Emmeline Angelina Daniels, 23
    - Noah Renner Daniels, 1

    Julia's family:
    DH: Carl Johan Lindqvist, 54
    Liv Emma Liliane King,34
    DH: Henry Douglas King, 42
    - Thalia Amanda King, 13
    - Ezra Zander King, 11
    Mia Andra Veronica Roth, 30
    DH: Marc Yves Rufus Roth, 35
    - Oona Nova Odette Roth, 13
    - Vega Cosima Juliette Roth, 10
    - Lux Carl Atlas Roth, 7
    - Max Gio Lucas Roth, 4

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    It's your Diamond Wedding Anniversary and all your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are celebrating. You and your husband are very happy to sit back and look at everything you have achieved in your lives. You have a GIGANTIC family.

    --DW-Elena Grace Freeman
    --DH- Charlie Mark Freeman
    -DS: Harvey Lee Freeman *Harv*
    -DD: Isabella May Freeman * Bella*
    -DS: Spencer Eli Freeman *Spen*
    -DD: Madeline Ava Freeman *Maddy*
    -DD: Charlotte Zoe Freeman * Letti*
    -DS: Nathan Jac freeman * Nate*
    __________________________________________________ ___

    --DS1: Harvey Lee Freeman *Harv*
    -DW: Kimberly Ella Freeman was Smith
    DD: Cloe Iesha Freeman
    DS: Noah Jesse Freeman
    DS: Levi Aaron Freeman
    DD: Esme Hazel Freeman
    DS/DS/DS: Alby Elias/ Arlo Dante & Axel Chase Freeman

    --DD: Isabella May Blake (Freeman) * Bella*
    -DH: Tristan Alexander Blake *Trist*
    DS: Jaxon Wade Blake
    DS: Rylan Troy Blake
    DD: Alexa Zoey Blake

    --DS: Spencer Eli
    Freeman *Spen*
    -DW: Sophia Marie Freeman Was Brennen
    DD: Peyton Starla
    DS: Xander Toby
    DS: Phoenix Eli
    DD: Kairi Maya

    --DD: Madeline Ava Freeman *Maddy*
    -DH: Damien Mark Stephens
    DD: Iliana Mae Stephens

    --DD: Charlotte Zoe Allen Was Freeman * Letti*
    -DH: Kurtis Luke Allen
    DD:Bonita Lily Allen
    DS: Bailey Ezra Allen
    DD: Bethan Jodi Allen

    --DS: Nathan Jac freeman * Nate*
    -DW: Kelly Hanna Greyson
    DD: Lola-Belle
    DD: Ebony-Grace
    DD/DD: Milly-Rose & Talia-Jade
    DD: Darby-Dawn *DD*
    Mum to Bailey and Liberty

    MMC Dec '16

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    1 or 12 means no kids, roll for 6
    Unmarried it's an even number for kids

    DGGM: Lily Claire Ronan [90]
    DGGF: Henry Connor Harris [91]

    DGM: Imogen Blair [64]
    -DGF: Brett Kaden [64]
    --DH: Henry Owen [33]
    ---DW: Chelsea Kimberley [32]
    ----DS/DD/DD/DD: Charles Morgan/Alice Sebastianne/Elizabeth Faye/Matilda Reagan [7]
    ----DD/DS: Anna Kris/Miles Frederic [5]
    --DH: Oliver Sean [29]
    ---DW: Karly Imelda [30]
    ----DS: Benedict Garrison [2]
    Imogen and Brett who have Henry with Chelsea, Charlie, Alice, Beth, Matilda, Anna and Miles; and Oliver with Karly and Benedict

    DGM: Margo Alice [62]
    -DGF: Merick Reese [60]
    --DD: Maryanne Lexi [36]
    --DW: Margot Elyza [32]
    ---DH: Jesus Ernie [35]
    ----DD: Isabelle Rosetta [8]
    ----DD: Lisette Rhea [5]
    ----DS: Matthias Cam [4]
    ----DD: Joanne Cece [2]
    ----DD: Lucy Apple [1]
    --DW: Margery Cayla [28]
    ---DH: Zach Dallas [29]
    ----DS/DS/DD: Luke Mervyn/Noah Dana/Maisie Leanne [4]
    ----DS: Caleb Quintrell [3]
    ----DD: Tess Liliana [2]
    --DD: Marilyn Britt [24]
    --DH: Milo Scotty [21]
    ---DW: Margie Lee [22]
    ----DAS: Miles Timmy [12]
    ----DAS: Max Kody [11]
    ----DAD: Myra Irene [8]
    ----DAD: Millie Trisha [6]
    ----DAS: Mark Jordy [4]
    ----DD: Megan Sierra [nb]
    Margo and Merick who have Maryanne; Margot with Jesus, Isabelle, Lise, Matt, Jo and Lucy; Margery with Zach, Luke, Noah, Maisie, Caleb and Tess; Marilyn; and Milo with Margie, Miles, Max, Myra, Millie, Mark and Megan

    DGM: Natalie Luna [59]
    -DGF: Kelly Alonzo [64]
    --DH: William Abriel [34]
    ---DW: Lana Pansy [31]
    ----DD: Amelia Cathalina [6]
    ----DD: Stella Bonita [3]
    ----DS: Wade Easton [2]
    ----DD: Julia Maddison [1]
    --DH: Rory Jace [33]
    ---DW: Bella Brittany [31]
    ----DS: Liam Kelly [6]
    ----DD: Kira Antoinette [5]
    ----DD/DS: Rose Monique/Finn George [3]
    --DH: Benjamin Kaiden [30]
    ---DW: Pauline Gloria [28]
    ----DS: Nathan Quinlan [3]
    --DH: Shea Dylan [28]
    ---DW: Stella Hailey [24]
    ----DD: Charlotte Hazeline [1]
    --DH: Darren Billy [27]
    ---DW: Annabel Haleigh [28]
    ----DS: Oliver Heath [4]
    ----DS: Riley Casper [3]
    ----DS: Bennett Rodney [2]
    --DH: Logan Arnold [25]
    ---DW: Bethan Danielle [22]
    Natalie and Kelly who have Will with Lana, Amy, Stella, Wade and Julia; Rory with Bella, Liam, Kira, Rose and Finn; Ben with Pauline and Nate; Shea with Stella and Charlie; Darren with Anna, Oliver, Riley and Benn; and Logan with Beth

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    DH: George Louis Stevenson "Lou"
    DW: Wilhelmina Eulalie Stevenson "Mina"

    DD: Katherine Harriet
    DS: Henry Caleb
    DD: Julia Emmeline
    DD: Caroline Amelia

    DW: Katherine Harriet (Stevenson) Berg
    DH: Anders David Berg

    DS: Ansel Jacob Berg
    --DS: Evan Isaiah
    --DD: Amanda Kay
    DS: Felix Matthew Berg
    --DS: Jasper Eli
    --DS: Julian David
    DS: Erik Philip Berg
    --DD: Chloe Elizabeth
    --DD: Annabel Katherine
    --DS: Milo George
    --DS: Jeremiah Anders
    --DD: Mina Louise
    --DS: Franklin Joseph
    DD: Annika Olivia Berg
    --DD: Elinor Rose
    --DS: Christian Paul
    --DS: William Noah
    --DD: Josephine Isabel
    DS: Lucas Casper Berg
    --DD: Violet Abigail
    --DD: Jemima Lucille
    DS: Maxwell Patrick Berg
    --DD: Matilda Felicity
    DS: Oliver Nikolas Berg
    --DD: Elowen Liora
    DD: Mikaela Astrid Berg
    --DS: Holden Louis
    DD: Petra Katherine Berg
    --DS: Miles Reuben

    DS: Henry Caleb Stevenson
    DW: Chelsea Kaitlin Stevenson

    DS: Kyle Louis Stevenson
    --DD: Eliana Mary
    --DS: Micah John
    DD: Heidi Paige Stevenson
    --DS: Asher Edward
    DS: Blake Thomas Stevenson
    --DD: Layla Carys
    --DS: Anthony Thomas
    --DS: Zachary Blake
    --DD: Tamsyn Isolde
    DD: Taylor Grace Stevenson
    --DD: Clementine Rose
    DD: Katrina Joy Stevenson
    --DD: Leah Katilin
    DD: Kelsie Aurora Stevenson
    --DS: Drake Henry
    --DD: Jade Eulalie
    --DS: Reed Caleb
    --DS: Eli Benjamin
    DD: Kira Michelle Stevenson
    --DS: Luca Kai

    DW: Julia Emmeline (Stevenson) DeGarmo
    DH: Jack Simeon DeGarmo

    DS: Arthur Jacques DeGarmo
    --DS: Tobin Daniel
    --DS: Alistair James
    --DS: Owen Frederick
    --DS: Oscar Liam
    DS: Marc Simeon DeGarmo
    --DD: Juliet Rosabel
    --DS: Phineas Samuel
    --DD: Simona Elodie
    --DD: Jocelyn Elise
    --DS: Alexander Ephraim
    DD: Zoe Genevieve DeGarmo
    --DS: Gabriel Lou
    --DS: Andrew Ivan
    --DD: Charlotte Marian
    DD: Eloise Marin DeGarmo
    --DS: Quentin Jack
    --DD: Amelie Estelle
    --DD: Audra Evelyn
    DD: Gwendolen Alice DeGarmo
    --DS: Simon Rhys
    --DS: Griffin Andrew
    --DS: Kieran Bertram
    --DS: Brennan Emery
    DS: Theodore Louis DeGarmo
    --DD: Lucille Sophia
    DD: Julienne Marie DeGarmo
    --DD: Josanne Rosalie
    --DS: Tristan Emil
    DD: Ophelie Beatrix DeGarmo
    --DD: Madlenka Rosalind

    DW: Caroline Amelia (Stevenson) Collins
    DH: Nathan Casimir Collins

    DD: Maisie Greta Collins
    --DD: Isla Caroline
    --DS: Connor Stephen
    --DS: Cael Ian
    --DS: Graham Ewan
    --DD: Megan Elspeth
    --DD: Fiona Claire
    DS: Jeremy Isaac Collins
    --DD: Elisa Miriam
    --DD: Lillian Audrey
    DS: Rowan Charles Collins
    --DS: Elliot George
    --DS: Bennett Nathan

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