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    Leopold goes fantastic with Zelda & Dashiell . Althought my favorite Leo name is Leonardo i think Leopold is very handsome .

    I also love Bruno from your list .
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    Quote Originally Posted by hillymae View Post
    I love the name Leopold, my only hesitation is that King Leopold was a despotic colonizer of then-Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), so if your family has any chance of spending time in Africa (I actually do have to consider this for myself because I am an international humanitarian aid worker), then I would steer clear of it. But since I doubt you're considering a move to the DRC, you don't have to worry, because it's likely that 99% of Americans (if you are American) don't know about this guy, so don't let that stop you. Leopold is a fantastic name, with great nickname potential, too! It's definitely my favorite of all the names you listed.
    I used to live in the DRC, and I have a terrible taste in my mouth when I hear this name. I don't like it. But I don't think you'll have a problem with that name, even if you live there. It's actually quite a popular name there, to my surprise. I met plenty of African guys named Leopold and there was no big deal about it. KLII just brought the name there, I guess. But you will have to deal with the fact that your child shares a name with a man who administered the killing of more people than Hitler.
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    Leopold is a fairly traditional name in Europe and in francophone countries (including African countries), so I have to disagree that the Belgian king is the only association with the name. Stalin was a mass murderer too and there are plenty of young boys who share his first name, Joseph.

    That being said it's a pretty versatile name so he could easily go by Leo or Lee or Poldi if the associations ever became problematic.

    I think it's a terrific name, although it feels somehow odd with your sibset. Leopold feels ancient/royal/elegant/European, while Zelda and Dashiell a have a more modern/vintage/hipster/American vibe, as do most of your other names except maybe Bruno and Michael.

    I love Maynard, BTW - terrific meaning and John Maynard Keynes is a great namesake.
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    I'm Danish and I know a little Leopold August. I love Leopold by the way, have never been able to fully digest Leonardo, so Leopold is my ultimate Leo-name. I think Leopold sounds great with Zelda and Dashiell

    A few (Scandinavian/Danish) suggestions:
    Leopold Asger
    Leopold Aske
    Leopold Bertil
    Leopold Birk
    Leopold Johan
    Leopold Njord
    Leopold Oskar
    Leopold Rumle
    Leopold Sigge
    Leopold Sixten
    Leopold Snorre
    Leopold Tjalfe
    Leopold Valdemar
    Leopold Ville

    And I totally second Ottilie's suggestion of Leopold Villads (I know quite a few people who would swoon over this combination) and Leopold Bror
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    Good name! And it definitely goes well with Zelda and Dashiell!
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