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  • Elsie Mabel

    17 50.00%
  • Adeline Mabel

    17 50.00%
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    Elsie or Adeline?


    I recently posted a thread about these two baby girl names. However, I'm new to Name Berry and didn't realize that I could create a poll (thank you to giinkies for suggesting that I do this). So, in an attempt to make things easier and quicker, I thought I'd ask you all to take part in this poll.

    Which name do you prefer for our baby girl, Elsie Mabel or Adeline Mabel?

    FYI, our surname ends in M and is has two syllables. We have a preference for vintage names that are spelled the traditional way and are easy to pronounce.

    Thanks :grin:
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    I voted Elsie.
    I like both names, so it was a hard choice, but Elsie a tad bit more.
    I would actually prefer full name Elsa Mabel, nn Elsie, because I would prefer a more formal name AND because Elsa is beautiful

    Good luck!
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    Even though Elsie Mabel flows better as a combo, Elsie sounds like a name that is forever stuck in childhood so I voted for Adeline which I think suits a girl of all ages of her life.
    All the best,

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    I agree with Mischa completely, though I'd like to add - have you considered Elsa? It flows and sounds like Elsie, but will grow up with her. Plus you could use Elsie as a nickname (I know someone named Anna who goes by Annie, so it's entirely feasible).
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    I much prefer Adeline.
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