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    Mummy to Emilie Vivienne (13/11/13) and Oliver Theodore (9/4/11)

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    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
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    I am in love with Saoirse (sare sha)

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    Some of my favorite S names are Sage, Sorrel, Sutton and Simone.

    Paired with a few of your middles:
    Sage Delilah
    Sorrel Anastasia
    Sutton Hope
    Simone Evelyn

    And a few others:
    Sage Jessemine
    Sorrel Matilda
    Sutton Laurel
    Simone Willow

    Other middles you might like: Wren, Genevieve, Felicity, Audra, Willa

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    @basicsand: The last initial will technically be M, but as we've hyphenated, when written out it will be MC. The way they sound together is more 2-2 than 4 syllables. Some middle names with 2 syllables sound okay with it, but some just don't flow well. Trial and error I guess.

    I also tend to stay away from unisex names... I've always hated my middle name for that reason and it's not even a common name for boys. One of the last names is also a common name for men, so that's another reason... Scout was a pretty rare exception and as I said, DH wasn't a fan.

    And names that remind me of animals.... Names like Sorrel tend to remind me of a horse.
    Pointing out pop culture references in your baby names since 2013.

    "Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad."

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