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    Finding 'S' Names and Middle Names

    Hi all. New to this board. Nice to meet everyone!

    My husband and I are currently TTC. I'm one of those people who have had a list of baby names since I was a teenager. I just always thought it was better to let a name settle in for a while before attempting to saddle someone with it.

    We also have a custom in my family where all the girls have first names starting with 'S'. This isn't some wacky idea I came up with. I have 3 great aunts, 4 aunts, 2 sisters and 3 nieces and countless cousins with 'S' names for that reason. It's a family quirk I guess and it does save a fortune on monograms. I do like it and my relatives and I are pretty proud when a new baby joins the tradition. I know you're thinking that we're going to run out of names. We're pretty sure it'll happen eventually, but by then it'll be time for the old names to cycle around again.

    If you guys could suggest some more S-names, middle names for the ones I already have, or just awesome middle names, I'd be grateful. I'll italicize names that I'm attached to where they show up.

    Here are the names that are taken by close relatives: Sheri, Shawnie, Sadie, Sasha, Sarah, Samantha, Shiloh, Stephanie, Suzanna (my name, and my MIL is a Susan, so we're pretty full up on all manner of Suzy's) and a nephew named Shayne

    Middle names that are taken or that I otherwise can't stand: Ashleigh, Nicole, Brittany, Crystal, Ellen, Kristen and Chastity(because that's a unrealistic name to live up to)

    First names that I've collected: Savannah, Salem, Sophia, Scarlett, Sylvia/Sylva, Sally, Sinead

    Middle Names that I like: Grace, Anastasia, JoAnna, Evelyn, Delilah, Ella, Evangeline, Natalie, Anne, Robin, Audrey, Arya, Alice, Lee, Faith, Hope and pretty much any mythological name with a good ring to it.

    My father's pick is Savannah. I was actually going to be Suzanna Savannah until my mother intervened. He's tried to convince my brother and sisters to name their daughters this ever since.

    DH likes the name Sophia, but might sway otherwise if a better name is found.

    Thanks guys!

    EDIT: I also don't mind a well put together GRRM reference, but please nothing out there (hence Arya being on the list), but nothing too far out there. An ex-friend of mine recently named her baby girl Khaleesi (the baby was also born in the ER bathroom and put on the news, so double whammy on the poor child) and I was flabbergasted.
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    I can only add Surya and Sebastienne (I have a female French ancestor w/this name, and I love it!) Sari is a Finnish name I also love, but in English it sounds a bit close to 'sorry'. Best wishes!

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    Sabrina is a long term favourite of mine. It just has a graceful sound to me. I blame Audrey Hepburn. It also has mythological grounding to it.

    Sarita is a form of Sarah but not a terribly close one and could be workable. Sah-ree-ta.

    Shoshana is the original form of Susan/Suzanna so either that's far too close or an adorable call back. In any case, it doesn't cut down to Sue/Susie.

    Saoirse is really pretty. I saw Sinead and I think of them together.

    Sibyl/Sybilla are both pretty. You can call them Billie for short if you want the S name but not an S nickname in a crowd of S names?

    I've known a Sapphire who was really beautiful, but I prefer the more botanical/spicy Saffron.

    Of your middles, my favourites with everything are Faith and Lee. Alice is also pretty but I do get liking one-syllable middles. I'm not nearly as big on Grace or Hope as I am on Faith. And Lee is quite underused nowadays. You might also like Fern.

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    I adore Sally & Sylvia from your list!
    Sophia is wonderful as well, but it being the #1 name sways me from it slightly.

    Sally Evelyn
    Sally Joanna
    Sylvia Natalie
    Sylvia Robin

    <3 these!

    a few more to consider maybe?

    Sonia (an excellent alternative to Sophia)
    Sylvie (a cute, more modern Sylvia)

    Any you like?

    There are actually quite a few "s" names, i don't think you'll ever run out! Ya know more words start with "s" than any other letter?

    good luck!
    Mama to big kitty Jasper

    a feel for the names i adore:

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