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    Trouble choosing a name! Please help;-)

    I have a 14 week old baby we adopted and I cannot choose a name please give me your opinon;-)
    1. Alexandra
    2. Allie-Grace
    3. Gabriella
    4. Isabelle( I feel this is way overused)


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    From your list, I like Alexandra or Gabriella best. You could use Alexandra Grace with the nn Allie-Grace. Other than the hesitation about Isabelle (I agree there are a lot of them), is there some concern about the other names?

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    I think that Alexandra is pretty common as well, but it doesn't feel overused to me, and actually think it could be quite fresh. In truth, I'm in love with Alexandra...something about it is enchanting to me. I don't like the nn Allie for it, however, because (a. I don't like Allie in general and (b. Alexandra is such a beautiful name that I always want to hear it in full!

    I like Alex as a nn for it, though.

    So off your current list, Alexandra is definitely my favorite. I also think that instead of Isabelle, Isobel is a lovely choice. It's brighter and fresher than Isabelle to me, and the 'o' gives it an edge over Isabel/Isabelle. It's simple but pretty.

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    I love Alexandra w/nn Sasha (the typical Russian nn for Alexandra). Congratulations!

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    Gabriella with the nickname Gabbie, Brie, Brielle, Belle, Ella, Ellie, etc...pretty and Congratulations!!

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