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Thread: Which one??

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    Which one??

    Looking at a name for a little brother to Nick. We've found quite a few options we LOVE. Please help us narrow down!

    James Shiloh Peter "Jay" / James Peter Shiloh "Jay" - Will be Jay all the time, unless he chooses otherwise when he gets older

    Stellan Peter Andrew

    Ezra Peter Andrew

    Hans Andrew Peter

    Theodore Andrew Hans

    Gregory Noah Peter "Rory" - Will be Rory all the time unless he chooses to go by something else

    William Silas Andrew "Will"

    A lot of these names are honoring names.
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    I like William Silas Andrew the best, and think it would fit best with a Nicholas. Second favorite would be Theodore Andrews Hans, though I don't think it has as great flow.

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    What about Theodore Silas Andrew? I also really like the Stellan, James, and Ezra combos. The other ones are nice, but these are my favorite
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    Theodore Andrew Hans & Stellan Peter Andrew & William Silas Andrew "Will" are gorgeous combos .
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    I like Theodore and Gregory the best with brother Nicholas.

    If I can mix and match...

    Theodore Silas Andrew
    Gregory Peter Noah

    I wouldn't use Hans and Andrew together as they're too similar in sound.
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