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    Remy is a great name and can stand on its own without the full-blown Remington (which is a little much, IMO).

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    Nov 2012
    I normally prefer longer names, but in this case I much prefer Remy. It's such a substantial name all on its own!
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    Also prefer Remy. Wasn't Remington a razor brand? Somehow that's what I think of.

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    I vastly prefer Remy. Remington sounds very stodgy...not really a bad name, just nms. And isn't it also an electric toothbrush brand? Or electric razors or something? Hmmm. Not sure. Remy is warm and works for all ages, to me.
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    I love Remington, and while I think Remy is a cute nickname it definitely doesn't seem solid enough to be a stand alone first for me.

    As for the gun association, some people will hate it and some people will love it just like any other name. If it doesn't bother you (it wouldn't bother me) then go for it.

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