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    I like the idea of Wendy as a nickname for Wednesday if you absolutely must use it. Wednesday is a little much, imo.
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    I actually really adore Wednesday. It's a real guilty pleasure name for me, and I would have given it some serious thought, but my father ruined it. How did he ruin it? He ruined it by every wednesday quoting the hump day commercial. I don't want to be the person who ruins a name for someone, but for anyone who may not be aware, apparently wednesday is hump day.

    I'd still consider it for a quirky middle name though.

    Once again I wish to apologize if I ruin this name. I really do adore it.

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    Wednesday is Usable

    I think that Wednesday is a usable name. I knew someone who was named Tuesday and she didn't get teased. A nickname option for Wednesday I have is Nes.

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    I think it sounds gorgeous. If you're really on the fence about it, try seeing if you can find a good coordination for it, using it as a middle name. But I think that Wednesday is an adorable name.

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    pistachio, you asked why I'd only use it if the baby were born on Wednesday/it had some significance? Maybe a short answer would be: I'm very particular about those things.

    When I was little, my older sister had a good friend named April. I thought that was such a lovely name when I was five, and she was someone I looked up to. Then, I found out April's birthday was in June. I was appalled. Five-year-old me was engraged. How could they name her April if she was born in June?! What did it mean to them?! Why not just use June if they like month names?! WHY?! I remember yelling at my sister like it was her fault, and she laughed at me.

    This habit has continued ever since. A Summer born in December? Gag me. A little one named Claudia? Never. None of my babies will be named Rowan, no matter how much I like it, because how can I guarantee they'll have red hair? Yes, I'm that anal about it.

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