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    It reminds me of Wednesday Addams and I think its usable I've been crushing on Winnie lately and Wednesday is a cute way to get it.
    I am a Wednesday's child as well and I find nothing wrong with the rhyme.
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    Thank you to everyone who replied, whether pro- or anti-Wednesday! We are going over middle names for Wednesday and it will be on our list soon!

    ameliawilliams - Thank you for your comment!

    sarahmezz - I wondered that, too but didn't want to ask. Thanks your your reply!

    giinkies - I never thought to actually look at the stats. Leticia was a good alternative.

    hardertobreathe - I guess I wasn't thinking of it as a common word, only a character and awesome name. Thank you for your reply and honesty.

    southern.maple - Thank you for posting the poem, I actually forgot to look it up again.

    lifewontwait89 - Oh, the costume possibilities!

    rkrd - I hadn't considered Woden as a nickname! I ran it by SO and we both really love it, personality pending. Wendy, Winnie, Woden, and Wes. Thank you!

    chrisco - Thanks for your reply! I love Perpetua Azélie is gorgeous, by the way.

    ebenezer.scrouge - I just looked it up, and it turns out that I'm a Wednesday's child, too!
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    I like Wednesday, but it only makes sense to me if there's something important about the day for you (i.e., was she born on a Wednesday?). If it's just a random day of the week and you like the sound, I'd be a little more hesitant.
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    I kind of prefer Tuesday, and I don't generally love word names at all. But it's...okay.

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    Wednesday is one of my favorite names, I think. I say go for it, and agreed that it sounds lovely with Ivan! Honestly, I don't think the Addams Family connection is too big of a deal, although there might be teasing on that front (although there's always teasing, no matter the name).

    I also love the idea of the nn Winnie for it. Precious! Wednesday is an incredible name, so I say yes.

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