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    sister to Gus

    me and my fiance arent planning on having kids for a long time but the name obsessed person in me has talked about ames with me and at first the only boys name he liked was Noah which is wayyyyy to popular for me so i asked him about other names and he said if we arent naming a boy Noah then he wants to name his son after his grandpa who he never met Gustav. so where it stands our son will be Gustav Rupert A______n nicknamed Gus (and he will be a second!) which i really kinda love the only problem is now we need a girls name that is just as awesome! we were throwing around ideas and he kinda likes Klara (the sweedish spelling) but you can tell he doesnt love it so throw me all your old fasion, clunky, sweedish interesting names that have a cool short nick name. middle names im thinking are Rosalie, Pearl, Isobel or varients of Lillian or Ann (Ann doesnt sound good with our last name) and it doesnt habe to be swedish, names i like but he doesnt are Prudence, FLorence, Evangeline, Agatha
    give me all you got

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