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    Snow White gone wrong

    Next in my series of retellings is Snow White, skewed towards the Queen, though both of them are depicted as crazy ladies. Here, Queen and Snow are relatively the same age, and when the King remarries, he wants the loveliest girl in the kingdom, which, aside from his daughter, is the Queen. Basically they have this weird competition where each of them is trying to outdo the other, until one of them dies. Also, both of them are sorceresses (sorry this is so vague and confusing, I'm trying to give the Cliffnotes version here, because if I get into the nitty-gritty this would be a page).

    Originally, I'd thrown around the names Isolde and Hannelore for Snow and the Queen respectively, but I don't know, those were random. Though that is sort of the style I'm looking for. The only people who have names right now are the King (Snow's dad, the Queen's husband), who is Cathern, and the former Queen (Snow's mom) Hermione.
    Here are some more specific character descriptions:

    "Snow White": Malicious and jealous, she gets what she wants. She can twist people's words, and can convince anybody of anything. Has a chaste and virtuous reputation, but is really quite the opposite. She is exceptionally pale, has long, black curly hair, and golden-yellow eyes that almost seem to glow. She is quite powerful, though she acts demure. At times she's been called Isolde and Gwyneira.

    "Queen": Quiet and reserved, the Queen is vengeful when tampered with, but obedient to people she fears. She is used to people hating her; she isn't afraid of being disliked. She wears a cold, emotionless mask most of the time, it's difficult to tell what she's thinking. Fair hair, ice blue eyes. At times she's been called Hannelore and Grimhilde.

    "Mirror": A commoner. He used to be a joking, mischievous fellow, but he mysteriously disappeared a few years back. Now he's trapped inside of a mirror world, and can't remember a thing about who he is, what he is, or even what his name is. The girl that speaks to him through the mirror-glass every morning looks vaguely familiar...(the Queen's love interest. Snow placed a curse on him that trapped him in a mirror, and wiped his memories clean of her.) Brown hair, brown eyes, freckled.

    "Dwarf King": Uncomfortable, awkward, completely lacking in the art of conversation, he's probably best left in some secret passage doing whatever it is he does; no one really knows. His intelligence is undisputed, as is his complete hideousness physically (not actually a dwarf though; that's just an insult to the kingdom in which he lives. He's also not a miner, he's the oldest of seven royal siblings). He keeps to himself, and though he may not be able to speak well to people, he's excellent at reading them, and can often tell what people are thinking, and has a talent for defending himself against sorcery and magic. Up until now he's been called Hephaestus, since I based Snow/his marriage off that of Hephaestus and Aphrodite's.

    I also need miscellaneous, same-style names for: siblings of Dwarf King (should be slightly different style than the names of, say, Snow and Queen), classmates of young Snow and Queen, guards, messengers, people who die.

    Sorry for the novel, thanks for help!
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    Snow: Isadore(a), Guinevere, Morgana. I also totally agree with Isolde.
    Queen: Shes totally a Titania to me, or possibly Andromeda. I'm really liking Titania for her.
    Mirror: something with innocence: Phillip, Nicholas/ Nikolai, Fredrick, William
    Dwarf King: I'm having a hard time with this one. Possibly Benedict? I stole that from your signiture but.....

    Random people:Belphoebe, Rosamund, Alexander, Jedediah, Naomi, Meredith, Helena


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    Right after I closed my laptop last night, I had a total inspiration moment for an evil Snow name: Bianca. It's got the white, innocent purity, but there's also this icy edge to it. I can see a Bianca being wickedly cruel and yet everyone still believing she's an angel!

    I'll keep mulling over the others. Fabulous concept, my dear! I would buy this book in a heartbeat!
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    Snow: I do rather love the literalness of Gwyneira. The golden eyes make me think Aurore, the snow makes me think Blanche.

    Queen: I like Hannelore but if you're going with Hermoine for the mother it's probably too similar. Leonore, Philomen, Griselde, Cressida?

    Mirror: something stout and not too fussy like Jack or Will

    King: I just want to say Donnald. I don't know why it has two n's, but there it is.

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