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    Thoughts on these names?

    Boy names:

    Asher, Kieran (husband likes it but said it sounds feminine, maybe too similar to Karen?) , Liam (we both love it but it's so popular), Silas, Luka, Callum

    Girl names:

    Anya, Vivien, Annika, Charlotte, Mia, Hadley, Mika (pronounced Mee-Ka), Sadie, Taelyn, Baylor, Holly
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    Great names! My favorites are probably Liam, Callum, Charlotte, and Mia.

    Regarding less popular names than Liam...Julian and Lincoln are less common but (somewhat) similar.

    Depending on your region, some people may associate Baylor with the university.

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    I like Asher, Kieran and Callum for a boy and Anya, Vivien, Annika and Holly for a girl. I agree that Liam is really popular, and so is Luka (here). Kieran is great and to me not really all that similar to Karen.

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    I like Luka and Mia.

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    Your boys names are all fantastic! I think that Kieran and Callum are my favourites...perhaps if the Kieran spelling reminds you or your husband of Karen, you might consider the Ciaran spelling.

    From your girls list, I like Anya, Annika, Sadie and Charlotte best.

    You might also like Declan, Keegan, Cyrus, Elias or Eli, Graeme/Graham and Calvin for boys...
    ...and Teagan, Elsie, Annabel, Waverly and Maisie and Sophie for girls.

    Girls - Jane - Eleanor - Matilda - Caroline - Rosalind - Beatrix
    Boys - Arthur - Desmond - Edmund - Edwin - Frederick

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