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    So I FINALLY got to watch the premiere of this season! Here's my spoilery take on the whole thing:

    I have things I love about the direction it's going, and things I don't. I do love that is sort of forgetting to be when she was focused on saving from the ocean right along with the rest of them instead of being all, "you know, if I let her die...I can have H.enry all to myself!" I thoroughly enjoyed seeing H.ook's softer side too...I really love him with Don't get me wrong, I love Baelfire too, and there's the sweetness factor of having H.enry's whole family back together. But H.ook just has this edge that plays so well with's hardass side. Baelfire is the more wholesome choice, in a way. I get what everyone is saying about the actor having his own unique brand of sexy...some combination of that whiskey-soft voice and the rugged earthishness of him is very appealing, and a good contrast to H.ook's steely core and sharp edged smile.

    Like others, H.enry's age change threw me. Thank goodness he still has the same voice, or they would definitely have had to do a time jump, which would really mess with the already cockamamie continuity (which is what we love about this show, but still). It was weird that G.reg and T.amara were dispatched with so quickly...after all the build-up of the finale, their storylines ended so dissipated a lot of the dramatic tension. I knew the "ex-lost-boy" was as soon as he came on screen...poor H.enry. The actor is amazing, but there's something so discouraging about a villainous I love the J.M.Bar.rie classic so so much, and while the original P.eter has his sinister moments, they're not calculated. Having never grown up, he's simply heartless in the way that all children can be, and remains thoroughly irresistible despite it. An evil, calculating, manipulative just messes with my head! I was also facepalming when N.eal was talking to M.ulan about regretting being afraid to tell how he feels. You know she's thinking of P.hilip the whole time, and now they're going to turn the M.ulan/A.urora/P.hilip thing into a huge messy love triangle. Ugh. Maybe she can fall for R.obin instead??

    So so so sad to hear that R.ed left the show!!! She has always been one of my favorites. Such a bummer.

    Can't wait for next week! So glad I have friendlies to gush to. Hubby totally doesn't do shows with lots of drama between characters, so in this house I am alone with my OuaT loving!
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    Watched it twice now, and here are my thoughts:

    H.ook rocks. I don't think he's okay with fighting on the same side as Mr. G, I think he's just biding his time... and he's a hottie. I don't want him with, am I the only one who thinks she's a drag? Every scene with her I find myself wanting to throw things at the screen, she's a snooze.
    I don't like what the did with P.eter (I agree with what Sessha said), I find it deeply troubling. I've grown up reading and adoring these books, and this version of him seems like a sinister horror movie character.
    B.e.lle and Mr. G, I don't think she's "trying to change him". She's bringing out the part of him that was before, she's restoring him. I hate the original beauty & the beast fairytale (that's some sick stuff), but this version I like.
    I too miss R.uby, she was cool. If she can return, she and H.ook can hook up (haha!), I'd like to see those two hot heads together.
    I like and P.C., they can be very bright and sunny, but they're so cute. And I too loved before P.C., but she's still lovely I think. is awesome. I'm always kind of on her side, not that I'm not on the others, but she's had a not so good life, a mother who didn't love her and everything was taken from her, I kind of get how she feels. And she's not all bad. I would be (self) destructive too if my son decided I was evil and wanted another mother. H.enry kind of sucks actually.
    Oh oh! R.obin came! I love R.obin H.ood, and this one is cute !

    Anyway, love the show! Even if I want to throw things sometimes...
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    ikfly: thanks for the feedback on Baelfire. Yes, he stays on the gp list most of the time. I keep hoping I'll get a house soon and can get two goats: Lucifer nn Luci and Baelfire nn Bae. Aurora's dress is gorgeous, as is the actress, in a really interesting way. I really like her as Aurora.

    shalexis: yes, it's storybook/ legend type characters, not just fairy tales. Which is why we have Peter Pan, Robin Hood and such. I'm excited to see who else they come up with, too.

    amy: thanks for the Bae in the middle vote! I have some time to keep thinking it over, and in all honesty, there are names I love more, but every time I hear Baelfire I fall back in love with it.

    sessha: Oh, yes! I forgot to comment on the T a.m a r a/ Gr e.g thing. I didn't like them at all last season (I mean over and above not liking them because they were evil), but I went with it. Whatever. Then they just wrap the storyline up in the first five minutes? Ugh. One of my pet peeves is cliffhangers that are taken care of in the first few minutes of the next episode, especially in a finale/premiere scenario. I watch True Blood, and bitch about it the entire time because it's so utterly ridiculous, and one of my least favorite things is they do this almost every episode. RE: P e.ter P an, I've always found him to be calculating. I love P e.ter P a n, but there's lots of stuff in the originals that reads him as a bit of a socio, imo. absolutely, they generally are, but Pe.ter is stealing children from their nurseries to come help him kill pirates. They make a game of murder, growing up is against the rules (he "thins" the lost boys out if they break the rules), he forgets the people he's killed, etc. He's a boy, but he has an agenda, to bring other children to his playground so they can "play". Really hoping there's no love triangles. I could definitely get on board with and! Except I'd want to know where Mar.ia.n was.

    ottilie: nope, not the only one. Emma is boring. We'll see what they do with I personally like a darker p a n (see above), but I like layers in my darkness. Pure evil, no. I want to know what their games are, why he needs a true believers heart, and I think if handled correctly, he could be a fascinating character. There's that mysterious doll that made Rum.ple cry, too. Can't wait!! I don't mind the original beauty/beast (not a huge fan, but it's okay), but my favorite variation is East of the Sun West of the Moon. Have you heard it? I don't doubt you have, I think it's Norwegian. I love it!
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    Emma is boring. I'm hoping a romance with H o o k would make her a bit more interesting. I would totally be on the panel with Gold being a past lost boy if he wasn't so many other characters. I'm thinking the doll is [name_f]B a e's and seeing it made him go into full force grieving mode. He lost so much time with him, got him back and then lost him all over again.

    I want to hate Regina so bad, but I just can't. I can understand sympathize with why she is so bitter and angry.
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    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Yep, Emma is downright obnoxious a lot of the time. I think she was voted "most hated TV protagonist" in some poll last year. Interesting how we all like the show so much in spite of that!

    I really hope they don't do more M.ulan/A.urora/P.hilip love triangle silliness. It did sort of seem like they were paving the way to pair her up with R.obin--except didn't we already see M.arian in an earlier episode, and wasn't she pregnant or something? Although this show's continuity is already kind of a mess; I wouldn't put it past them to ignore that. I'm curious to see what they do with M.ulan romantically.

    And I, too, was very disappointed that they killed of G.reg and T.amara so quickly and unceremoniously. I expected more payoff after all that buildup. And I kind of liked the idea of a secret society of anti-magic people.

    I'm giving Dark P.eter the benefit of the doubt for now.
    I feel like his arc will be either very cool or thoroughly annoying.

    And I know it wasn't directed at me, but I loooove East of the Sun and West of the Moon. It was my absolute favorite when I was little and still kind of is.
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