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    Going to spoil some things for the person who is catching up.

    I want Gold to stay wicked! I would have liked to see more R u b y, but the actress left the show. I found her story line interesting and it sucks that they didn't expand into more episodes. I think she would have been a great main character. According to IMDB Henry is 4'l1". Emma, Regina and Snow are 5'5" -5'6". Once puberty is done the kid is going to possibly be as tall as them or taller.

    B e l l e in her library is a must. Come on, why give her it if you're not going to do anything with it?

    Hook is so yummy. I want him and Emma. I like N e a l/Baelfire, but he just isn't as interesting(or hot!) as Hook.

    I hope they give the others in Storybrook story lines that don't last just one episode.
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    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Oh, I didn't notice any spoilers! I'll read back through my post and see what you mean.


    Okay, I think I whited out what you may have been talking about.

    I'm very sad about R u b y leaving. I heard they were going to try and bring her back for some episodes in the second half of the season. I'll have to see more of B a e l f i r e (no idea if NB considers that a name, but just to be safe) to decide who I prefer, him or H oo k, but in the looks department, I prefer B a e l f i r e. He's not as classically handsome, or wickedly so which is truer to what H oo k is, but there's something about that actor that makes me go nuts. He was in True Blood, which is where I first saw him.

    In naming news, I've been trying to decide since season 1 whether Baelfire works for a middle name. I wouldn't ever use it as a first, I know it's over the top, but any opinions as a middle? I really like it.
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    Oh, I wasn't saying you had to spoil anything. I just was making sure I didn't put anything that will spoil OUAT for the person still watching season 2.

    Spoilers Ahead!

    Yay for bringing R u b y back. If H e n r y somehow isn't rescued immediately maybe they would bring her to find him with her wolf.

    I'm with you on B a e l f i r e 's looks. I do find his attractive. He is in no way ugly. Ian Somerhalder is the only man that catchs my eye. He is hard to compare to. H o o k is almost close, but only with his scruff. Which is really odd because I don't usually like facial hair.

    Me too on the Baelfire front. When I first heard it on the show I was hoping it was legitimate because I'm don't like made up names. I think it would a interesting middle name, but I wouldn't personally use it because people might assume you named the child after the character. It's in the guilty pleasure column for me.

    Spoilers Ended.
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    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Okay, finally caught up! Here's my two cents:

    I love this show because the premise is always fascinating, the characters are mostly interesting, and sometimes the plot is very clever, but it does suffer pretty badly from what my professor calls "No Recognizable Human Behavior." In the premiere and last season's finale I thought there were way too many reversals with little to no explanation, and several things that bothered me verisimilitude-wise. Spoilers:

    For example, Rumple suddenly being completely okay with the thing about how H e n r y is going to be his undoing. He went from trying to kill him by snapping that rope swing to sacrificing his own life for H e n r y's. I get that it's because the loss of Baelfire has made him rethink stuff, but they never really addressed that in the show.

    And also, Hook suddenly being totally ok with fighting on the same side as Rumple. You're telling me he's going to give up his decades-long quest for revenge just because his dead love's grandson is missing? I don't buy it. They half-addressed it on the show, but brushed it off. I'm hoping they'll address this more later.

    Okay, rant done. Feel free to prove me wrong, y'all.

    And on the Baelfire vs Hook thing: yeah, I'm Team Hook. He's more fun. I don't think he really has a chance with E m m a, but I like him best.

    Funny how horrible things happen to all E m m a's love interests. Don't fall in love with that chick or you'll get your heart literally crushed, or else you'll turn into a kid, or you'll be shot and fall into a portal.

    And I also really liked R u b y. Fingers crossed that they bring her back. My other favorites, besides Hook, are Rumplestiltskin and M u l a n. I wish M u l a n, A u r o r a and P h i l i p had more interesting storylines! I loved M's conversation with Baelfire.
    And I want Aurora's dress. This show has such fantastic costumes! A couple of them are on display in Disneyland and I like to ogle them whenever I'm there.

    "Filet the bitch" and "don't call my wife a slag" were fantastic. I also LOLed at "actually, I quite fancy you from time to time when you're not yelling at me." There were definitely some gems this episode. (I love how the writers are just like "LOOK, GUYS, HE'S BRITISH. HE SAID 'SLAG' AND 'FANCY.' SO VERY BRITISH!")

    And I wasn't sure how far back we're supposed to not be spoiling, so I just whited everything out.
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    I'm so glad there's a forum for this! I love the show, although it is sometimes I little overly dramatic I think... I love that they don't follow the "disney" storyline for most of the characters.. I rolled my eyes a little when they introduced Mulan, because the only version of the story that people have generally heard is the disney movie, which I also love, but I felt like it was kind of an odd edition to all of the other more.. magical? Story lines... But then they threw Frankenstein in there, so I guess they're just including all the various kinds of stories/legends out there, which has me excited to see what else they're going to add in. But anyway, I love that Snow is so self-reliant (vs. the disney version...), and I am LOVING this dark Pe t er Pa n stuff. Disney movies are great, but I definitely feel like they have to candy coat a lot of the stories because they're intended for children...
    Anyway, I love that all the stories are tied together, even if the coincidences are a little bit TOO convenient sometimes (Ne al being Baelfire? Seriously, what are the odds of that?!? But I loved that episode.. SOOO much). The story is so complicated... Have you ever had someone watch just one episode with you? Haha, I had to pause it like a million times so I could explain all the back story (for example haha, I died laughing trying to work all of that out...). But I love shows like this! I feel like this is turning out to be more of a EVERYTHING-I-LOVE-ABOUT-ONCE-UPON-A-TIME babble than an actual well structured comment, so I guess I"ll be done now.

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