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Thread: Tattoos!

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    I have a Celtic Peace Knot on my left shoulder blade. I love my Irish heritage and got it on my 25th birthday.
    I actually had an appointment scheduled for my 21st birthday, but had to have emergency surgery and cancelled.

    I have a few other ideas, but nothing actually planned.
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    I have 4 right now. Athena in Greek with the olive branch under her name on my left wrist, Pan in Greek with the pan pipes under it on my right (these both symbolize my god and goddess), A decent size tribal owl on my left shoulder blade (for Athena) and the infinity symbol from my avatar on sort of the lower part of the back of my neck. I have like 20 more planned. I'll put the link to my other thread where I post pictures.

    I feel like, I'll get old, I'll get wrinkled, I'll have art as memories. Every one of my tattoos has a deep meaning to me. I don't think I'll regret them because they're all meaningful and it will be a memory.

    I love your tattoos Greyer, as I said on my thread. I love Agape too. In Greek, it originally meant love of ones family and the like but was appropriated by the religious peoples as a means to express divine love, which is fine. It simply means love in all forms really. So it works for anyone ^_^ It has a beautiful sound too. It looks pretty in Greek too -- ἀγάπη .

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    I only have one tattoo, and I will never get another one, because I want it to be very special. When my son Logan was born, I got both of my childrens' thumbprints tattooed on my left thigh. Ari's is a little bigger than Logan's, because she's older.
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    @dovah - Sorry you have regrets! To be fair I had "buyer's remorse" for about six months after my first tattoo, thought I didn't think it through enough, was worried about being prejudged et c. Plus I just couldn't get used to how I looked with this new thing on my body. I love it now though. I understand about being in a different place, I guess I've just grown with my art rather than out of it at least so far.

    @ozdust - What a cool Celtic knot! I'm Irish too (and Welsh and Scottish lol) so I think that's very cool.

    @dantea - Thanks! I love yours too. I especially love the idea of a Calcifer tattoo... big Miyazaki fan over here. Howl's is my favorite, not gonna lie!

    @ajwashere98 - Aww, what a sweet idea. I know several people with their kids' feet and hand prints tattooed on them, but no thumb prints I bet they think it's so special that their fingerprints are tattooed on mommy! Or at least, they will when they're older lol
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    I currently have two tattoos and I plan to have many more! Right now I have a cluster of three forget-me-nots with the words "In Loving Memory" on my lower back (I plan to eventually expand it to wrap up both sides of my back with a larger image in the center) and my chinchilla's paw print on the inside of my ankle. The one that I have in the works right now is a cluster of pink peonies on my left forearm with the words "Glory in the flower" the only problem (aside from the cost) is finding an artist that can capture the level of photorealism I want.

    I will say I had a bit of buyers remorse with my first tattoo because I let the artist's vision cloud my own when I became really excited/overwhelmed with the process. Now that I have it, I love it, but I am planning on finding a different artist to give it a bit of a touch-up since my original artist and I really don't see eye to eye.
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