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    Critique my boys list!

    Like my girls list (!), I've decided to do a boys list as well. Again, I am not pregnant and I am not trying anytime soon, just planning. Here are a few of my favorite boys names which run from classics to nature names to biblical choices.

    Elijah- I've always leaned toward vowel-heavy names and I think that's one of the things that attracts me to Elijah. I like the way it rolls off of your tongue. The meaning is great and so is Eli.

    Jack- I've always loved this name, I think it works for all ages and most personalities. It's so classic and just one of my all time favorites.

    Grant- He's so handsome and gives me some of the same feelings as Jack, just not as widely used. I feel like he's still somewhat undiscovered which makes me love him even more.

    Gabriel- I love this and the nickname Gabe. It's soft and somewhat sensitive but still clearly masculine.

    Other names I like but don't love for certain reasons-
    Bear- Too strange for a real human, and I don't particularly like Orson/Teddy,etc.
    Boden- I actually got this from the fashion magazine, but it does sound a little too feminine.

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    Elijah - has a bit of an awkward, jerky way of saying things, but it's more of a taste thing. In my opinion, there are cooler names on here.
    Jack - I love this name a lot, particularly since one of my favorite literary figures bears this name, but it does have some similarities to unfortunate slang words.
    Grant - has always reminded me of the word "grunt."
    Gabriel - I love the name Gabriel! It's been a favorite of mine for years. I'm not as big a fan of the nickname Gabe, though.
    Bear - It seems odd to me to name a human child an animal name. It'd be like naming a pet dog Squirrel.
    Boden - Not sure how to pronounce this one. Baw-din? Boh-den?
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    Love Elijah, Jack and Gabriel...just adopted a cat that looks like a black bear cub and named him Bear.

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    Boden is said [bow (as in bow-tie)- den]

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    Elijah, Jack and Gabriel are handsome and classic, I love them all though Gabriel is my favorite.
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