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    Saffron-- I love Saffron (from Ab Fab) but have always felt this is more of a pet name than a human name despite my utter love for the name/character.
    Allegra- would probably like the name a lot more if I didn't associate with an old Nickelodeon show Allegra's Window
    Zafira- not sure this falls into the "easy to spell/doesn't require explanation" category for me. Certainly exotic and pretty though.
    Layla- reminds me of the old James Taylor song in a good way. I think it's lovely.
    Jade- I don't think it's "trashy" per se... nms though.

    Middle Names
    Daisy- like it for the sentimental value. not my favorite name in general.
    Paisley- not a fan
    Odessa- adore this.


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    I think Layla Daisy is lovely. Daisy Jade is also pretty great
    Kendra Kay

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    Saffron - Beautiful.
    Allegra - Lovely sound, lovely meaning, but too strong of an association for me with the medicine, I couldn't use it.
    Zafira -Beautiful & exotic but 1) yes, she'll have to spell it out sometimes and 2) it sort of clashes with Crawford.
    Layla - Are Liela & Lola both very young children? If so, Liela, Lola and Layla in a close group of friends is a bit much & I'd want something more unexpected. It is pretty though.
    Jade - I don't think of it as trashy. The word makes me think of a beautiful jade green dress, of China, a carved jade bracelet, etc. However, I do sort of feel it is a little dated, like Desirae or Brittany. (?) Suggest the name Jadis. I love this name, from a French word meaning "times bygone" or "olden times."

    Middle Names

    Daisy - So sweet.
    Paisley - Too trendy.
    Odessa - Way cool.


    Crawford Dion & his sister....
    Aria Daisy
    Zenobia Daisy nn Zia
    Azula Daisy nn Zuzu
    Samara Daisy nn Sam
    Brio Daisy - Italian meaning spirit & vivaciousness
    Cameo Daisy

    Phoebe Odessa
    Pearl Odessa
    Ivy Odessa
    Liv Odessa
    Fable Odessa
    Miriam Odessa nn Miri
    Sonnet Odessa
    Piper Odessa

    Congratulations to you!

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    The trashy comes from overhearing a discussion (I know,I know evesdroppers and all that) where Jade was being discussed in a "oh yes shes a teenage welfare mum thats named her daughter Jade and to be cool she's spelled it Jayide"
    and while my logical non pregnant brain knows and can dismiss this as a judgemental and ignorant seems to niggle at my hormonal pregnant brain.

    Allegra - I have always pronounced All ay gra however hubby thinks Al leg ra ?

    I like Garnet however the sister in law has got dibs on it and she likes it for a boy.

    thank you all for your imput, it makes it much clearer

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    From your list, I really like Allegra. If you need a nn, perhaps you could use Alla? I'd pronounce it AW-la.

    Is there a reason Odessa is not on your first name list? It's quite gorgeous. I'm usually not into place names, but I knew a gorgeous and amazingly talented fiddle player named Odessa, so this name feels so joyful to me!
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