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    Lightbulb We really have trouble with this....

    We need a girls name and its getting closer! (6 weeks). We have very recently moved interstate; so the naming thing got shelved and suuddenly its getting a bit close!

    Please help me with a brutal assessment of the names below or suggestions of beautiful sounding feminine names for a girl.

    Her older brother is Crawford Dion

    First Name
    Allegra ( not sure I like nn like Leggy or Ali)
    Layla (however in our new circle of friends we have a Liela and a Lola, so not sure of the rules here)
    Jade (worried its a bit trashy)

    Middle Names
    Daisy (grandmas name and my middle name)

    We like names that dont require spelling/explanation as our last name has to be spelled.
    Not keen on unisex names
    Feminine but not frilly
    Not to unusual
    Can't start with R or end with "en" sound
    The women in our family/s have strong personalities and striking features

    Please help! thank you

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    Jade is gorgeous...why would it sound trashy??? Odessa Jade would be lovely. Also, Allegra Lourdes (Ally, or just Allegra, sans nn), Saffron Zafira, Layla Alegria. So many lovely choices!

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    Saffron - I love how spunky Saffron is. The only issue I really see with it is that there aren't any great nickname options. Ronnie? Bleck. Saffron Odessa and Saffron Paisley are both interesting combos. Saffron & Crawford are a great combo.
    Allegra - Less special than your others.
    Zafira - Not a fan. You'll have trouble spelling it. Zafira Daisy is cute.
    Layla - Meh. Doesn't say "strong personality" to me.
    Jade - Not trashy, but not interesting. How about Garnet? Opal?

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    All beautiful but jade is the only one that won't require spelling or explanation. Jade Odessa is really lovely.

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    Agree that Jade would not need to be spelled. My niece is Allegra; her sister is Laurel. Fits your criteria. Would also work with all mn options. Good luck!

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