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Thread: Two New Kittens

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    Two New Kittens

    I recently adopted two kittens and naming them has been infinitely more difficult than I had anticipated... I have spent over a month looking at hundreds of names and just can't decide on any two. I was hoping maybe a few people on the Nameberry forums could help! I really like celestial names (sun & stars), nature names (flowers, rivers, light), and literary/geek names (Lord of the Rings, Song of Ice and Fire, Star Wars). They are all topics I adore and I'm hoping to find a nice and creative pair of names for them.

    Having gotten to know their personalities a bit... It seems they both have their brave moments. One is much more apt to boldly approach our resident cat, or try balancing along a narrow window sill (the name Moxie comes to mind for her). I get a bright, sunshine-y impression from her. Though when she can't find her buddy, she will wander aimlessly looking around meowing for her until she comes running. That's why I get more of a companion/guardian feel for the second cat. Stars always shining even when you can't see them. She also has a lot of spunk... but is a little bit more cuddly, and careful in new situations. In wrestling matches however, she usually ends up the victor. The second kitten is slightly bigger.

    A few of my initial pairs are:
    Willa and Ivy
    Sola or Solana (sun) and Astrid (star)
    Zora (dawn) and Lila/Leila (night)
    Nessa and Nienna (Goddesses of Middle Earth, the dancer and the "hope-bringer")
    Nora (light) and Ruth (companion)

    I also love...
    Liv, Iris, Lux, Mira, Amara, Aurora, Ariel, Leilani, River, Violet, Lilou, Amaya, Evie, Asha, Moxie, Cheza.... I could go on forever.

    Attached is a photo of the two of them. They are ragdoll kittens, the darker faced is a seal lynx.. She is the larger, protector of the two. The lighter faced with the dark spots on her ears is a chocolate bicolor... She is the smaller, bolder of the two. Any ideas or suggestions outside of the names I've listed are definitely encouraged, as well as listing your favorites of those I have already posted.

    The one thing I cannot stop wondering to myself right now is that if I am having this much trouble naming two pets... It's going to be a nightmare when I name a child one day haha!
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    Luthien and Tinuviel.
    I would have liked to call my girl cat Luthien, but I'd already committed (and it has always been *so* perfect for him) to Beren for her brother, and it really didn't feel right naming a brother and sister after a husband and wife. As per my siggie, she's Cosette, which is 'her' but much more frilly than my taste is now.
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    I love these:

    Zora and Lila
    Solana and Astrid

    Gorgeous! I'd say go with one of those combos. They're too stunning to pass up, and match your little cuties so well!

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    We always name our cats after whatever our current obsession is. That's why we've had a Bam, Dico, and Ryan (Jackass), Reedus, Rooker, and Michone (The Walking Dead), Connor and Murphy (The Boondock Saints) and Chibs, Jax, and Tig (Sons of Anarchy).
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    Acony Bell is a type of flower that comes up in early spring, sometimes even through snow, it's small but strong and anticipates the coming sun. (sometimes spelled Oconee) Gillian Welch has a lovely song about it.

    The Ash tree has a lot of symbolism in it related to protection and strength and warmth.

    Acony and Asha would be my pick
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    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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