View Poll Results: Best sister for Annora "Annie"?

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  • Verity "Vee"

    6 12.77%
  • Juliet "Jules"

    10 21.28%
  • Josephine "Sephie"

    4 8.51%
  • Mirabel "Mira"

    9 19.15%
  • Daphne

    2 4.26%
  • Gwendolen "Gwen"

    7 14.89%
  • Zelda

    3 6.38%
  • Constance "Connie"

    2 4.26%
  • Delia

    1 2.13%
  • Guinevere "Gwen"

    3 6.38%
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    I love Juliet with Annora. I think Jules and Annie are darling together and definitely sound like sisters.
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    Annora Mary Hazel and Edmund Henry Hugh are lovely! I think if they're in honour of someone you could get away with using Rosemary even if you have Mary as a middle name. I wouldn't use Hugh twice though.

    Verity- I love Verity! Classic and vintage and spunky. I don't think you really need a nickname but if you want one, what about Rita? And nicknames don't have to be based off the name either, especially when they're young- it can be based on personality traits like Sunny if she's always smiling.

    Juliet- it's quite "pretty" and romantic, but I love it. I think it goes wonderfully with Annora. Nicknames could be Julie, Lili (lee-lee), Etta

    Josephine- no, the letters "sephi" are right in the name! not my favourite on the list though

    Constance- as long as she doesn't have the same middle initial(s) I think you're okay. I've heard people say it can be confusing with mail but I actually rarely see mail with just initials- and besides things like bills which she won't be getting for years, how much mail do people really get these days? I love Constance with Annora or Edmund.

    Zelda- I actually think Annora and Zelda could work. Edmund and Zelda not so much, but if you had other kids- e.g. Edmund, Zelda and Juliet- it might.

    Mirabel- this is the name of a large-ish airport in my country so I find it a bit odd as a name, but it sounds pretty

    Daphne- I find the consonant cluster awfully grating, sorry

    Delia- I think of Delia Smith, but that's probably just because I read The Telegraph all the time! It's feminine and pretty, unique but still wearable.

    Vivien- I think of Vivien Leigh so it seems like a very dramatic name to me

    Gwendolen/Guinevere- either could have the nickname Gwen. I like Guinevere better because it has so much history and the Arthurian legends are a lovely connection
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    Juliet is one of my current favs. I've always liked it, but I'm a child of the 70s & every other girl was named Julie. Best for me to not pick a similar name! Also adore Vivienne (this spelling) with the nn Viva rather than Vivi. Verity is also a pretty name & could be shortened to Vee, V or Very. Quite like Very as a name.

    Not keen on the others & can't understand why ugly (IMHO) old fashioned names are making a comeback? There are some beautiful old lady/man names & then there's Daphne & Gwendoline - Awful

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    Mirabel, Gwendolyn, and Juliet are perfect with Annora!

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    Verity - Verity is an interesting name, but I don't feel that it fits in with your sibset names. As for the nickname problem, it shouldn't be forced. I know a girl whose parents tried to force a strict Veronica-no-nickname policy for years, but she insists upon V. I happen to like Vera as a nickname for Verity, however.
    Juliet - Juliet is a gorgeous name, but it is pretty feminine. Nickname Jet has that steely vibe you're looking for.

    Josephine - Very "blah" to me next to Annora and Edmund.

    Constance "Connie" - Yuck to both of them. Such a stiff, whiny, Colonial vibe.

    Zelda - Interesting, but I'm afraid most people would associate it solely with the video game.

    Mirabel "Mira/Miri" - Absolutely perfect! I adore it with Annora and Edmund, and nickname Miri couldn't be better.
    Daphne - Nice. Daphne & Annora sound good together.
    Delia "Dilly" - Dilly reminds me of pickles.
    Vivien "Vivi" - Meh.
    Gwendolen "Gwen" or even Guinevere "Gwen" - Gwendolen and Annora and Edmund sound nice. Gwen is meh.
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