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    I've given almost every available vaccine to my son. I don't understand why not.
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    We follow the UK vaccination schedule as we strongly believe the vaccinations are better than the disease! We lost a child and I know I'd never be able to forgive myself if a choice I had consciously made made us loose another.

    I have yet to find a convincing and scientifically valid study that shows there is a positive correlation between vaccines and autism. Most can quickly be debunked on the simple factor that they use a very small sample or that their methods simply aren't scientific. Some I found didn't even take into account genetic or family history.

    On the whole, I see no reason why I wouldn't vaccinate my own children.

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    I'm so glad to see we're able to discuss this topic without drama here!

    I have a (childless) friend who is very anti-vaccination and goes on rants and calls people "sheeple" and yells things like "do your research, people!", as if parents don't read up on these things before deciding to let someone poke their baby with a needle full of germs and chemicals. It makes my crazy!

    I can understand and sympathize with people on both side of this argument. Vaccines are scary. There are risks (like there are with any drug), even if we don't know what all they are. Plus, like I said, they do have a lot of nasty stuff in them that it seems counter-intuitive to inject our children with. But...they prevent really dangerous illnesses. They keep kids alive. It's a hard choice to make, it was hard for me. But, the insinuation from either camp that parents are making whatever choice they make blindly and ignorantly is wrong wrong wrong! It's unfair to assume or accuse any parent of that, when all we're all trying to do is what's best for our kids.

    Anyway, like I said it was a decision I was struggling with, but my husband had no trouble with it at all. He's a scientist. He trusts the medical community. We vax.
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    Well, seeing all these pro-vax responses makes me very happy (and relieved)! The mama's I've been around out here in Las Vegas are all very, very much anti-vax and it was really starting to frighten me that so many people were choosing to go without. I've always been research and science-based so I was not planning on avoiding them. I may still consider a delayed schedule but that still includes all the shots. But it's reassuring to hear the other side again, I was starting to think everyone had gone over to the other side!

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    I think the most important thing to do is make sure you do your own research. I was actually anti-vax prior to doing my own research, but decided to do delayed vaccinations after months of reading and studying. Its important to know all the facts.

    I think the important thing to remember her that whether a mama vax's, delayed vax's, or doesn't vax at all, she's making the right decision for her child. She knows her child better than everyone and not everyone agrees with them.

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