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    Absolutely yes.
    My grandfather lost 2 sisters to diphteria, they died as children. Another one was sick too, but survived it. My grandmothers sister had meningitis at age two and lost her hearing ability.

    I think sometimes people forget what happened before we vaccinated. The reason we don't have a high number of children who die within their first few years of life is because we vaccinate.

    I do believe there are some risks with vaccinating (although I don't find the autism idea to be proofed), but compared the risks of not vaccinating are so much bigger.

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    I have also known and worked with people with a range of ASD and while it can be heartbreaking, I would still prefer autism to death by whooping cough or polio or measles for my son. So even if they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccines caused autism X% of the time, I would still vaccinate. I didn't just make up my mind about this- I read the studies and spoke to my doctor and to people I trust in public health.

    I really do think that a large part of the increase in autism diagnoses is due to increased awareness and screening. Statistically, you have a greater chance of being diagnosed if your parents are wealthy and well educated. This is b.c well-educated wealthy people are more likely to seek a diagnosis- and to continue seeking out second opinons.

    A lot of conditions that they used to call other things are now called autism. Severe autism used to be called mental retardation. People with very high functioning autism were often dismissed as weird or socially inept. There are probably a lot of other factors involved in the increase of autism diagnoses as well, but I do think that a large part the answer lies in increased screening. And that is wonderful! Early intervention is so valuable and it is great that there are more an more resources available, and more and more hope for people with ASD.

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    Autism (and the whole spectrum) has a very strong genetic basis. Between identical twins, if one twin is autistic, the other one is as well 88% of the time. With fraternal, there's a 31% chance. With siblings, it's about 7%, as compared to 1-2% for the general population.

    However, genetics aren't enough. As far as anyone knows, autism has to be triggered and at a very early age, possibly intrauterinely. As far as I know, no trigger has been conclusively identified. Doing so would involve a slew of highly unethical studies.

    I was watching something on PBS about autism a few years ago. Researchers in Europe looked at hundreds of school-age children. The incidence of autism was actually slightly lower in children who had been vaccinated. Not low enough to be statistically significant, but still interesting.

    As for me, the only vaccination I don't get is the flu shot because I'm in a lower-risk group. However, when I start working with kids I'll definitely get it.
    My future children will definitely be vaccinated.
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    I have not decided yet whether I will be vaccinating. I do understand the importance of building immunity against diseases for the sake of my family and other families. However, I have some major concerns.

    I've mentioned before that my husband has ADHD and high-functioning autism, which we control through diet and lifestyle choices. I am incredibly conscious of what we are putting into our bodies, and aside from the question of whether it's wise to pump viruses into a baby, some of the ingredients in these vaccines are shockingly unnecessary.

    On the one hand we have the entire community of western medicine telling us these vaccines are safe. On the other hand, this is coming from the same system who tells us that harmful preservatives and food dyes and flavorings are perfectly safe for us to eat, and I know for a fact that simply isn't the case. When my husband has something with red food dye in it, his reaction can last for two days. I don't have his sensitivity, but because I am on the diet with him, my system is clean from all that stuff. When I, a normal person, eat half a piece of cake from Costco at a work party, with all the dyes in the icing and the preservatives in the cake, I have a headache for hours afterwards. Before I went on this diet, I had stomach ulcers, extreme digestive problems, and migraines multiple times a month…all of which are gone now that I eat natural clean food.

    Studies may say that something is perfectly safe for consumption, but when my own experience provides clear and repeated evidence to the contrary, I'm going to give that more weight than a study by someone who doesn’t even know me and my situation. And because I already have to do this in one significant area of my life, I find the mass reassurance that "it's safe" to vaccinate leaves me skeptical at best. Especially since vaccination is still linked – however tenuously – to autism, something that is a huge part of my life.

    I don't think the statement that everyone who chooses not to vaccinate is doing so out of ignorance is in any way valid. If I choose not to, it will be because I have done extensive research into the subject, and I have decided that because of my husband's sensitivities (which our children may very well share) and my concerns over the negative impacts of the ingredients in those shots (which would be bad enough for me, an adult, much less a little baby whose system is far more sensitive), delaying or refusing certain vaccinations is the best choice for the overall health of my family.

    Like I said, I haven't made that decision yet, but when I do, it will not be out of ignorance. I think questioning things that "everyone says" is in many cases the most responsible thing you can do. Even if you end up coming around to their way of thinking in the end, at least you're doing it because that's what you truly believe in
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamamiam View Post
    Agreed. Please, please, please, please...vaccinate your children. This is the consensus among all the doctors who taught us at school. (I am a pharmacist, recent 2013 grad) Unfortunately, there were fraudulent studies back in the 90's. And people listen to Jenny Mcarthy, which is unfortunate. Children are often diagnosed with autism at the young age when they also receive many vaccinations. But correlation is not causation. People don't think "Hey, my child didn't die of measles/mumps/rubella/polio/diptheria/pertussis" etc. because those diseases thankfully don't occur much thanks to vaccination. Instead, we look at what ailments our child may have and look for reasons. Remember, we vaccinate against deadly diseases. Autism is unfortunate, but not deadly. This is why I will still vaccinate my children even if they do find some credible link in the future.

    Preventable diseases have begun to show up in communities where many families haven't vaccinated. Some children can't be vaccinated (before they are eligible or due to egg allergies, etc) and they rely on "herd immunity"-- basically, the diseases don't spread because so many other people are vaccinated. But when people voluntarily refuse to vaccinate their children, this "herd immunity" declines and not only are those children whose parents chose not to vaccinate at risk, but the children who can't be vaccinated are also at risk.

    This!!! Thank you for explaining it!
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