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    Fn for John David & Fn for Edward Stephen.

    I'm looking for First Names that sound ok with the sibling Amy-Louise (NN Amy or LuLu). - My boyfriend doesnt like long names like Theodore, Samuel, Alexander etc, but he likes the short version of these Theo, Alex, Sam etc.. - I like names more along the lines of Lucas, Levi & Henry.

    LN:- Kitcher
    Me:- Kellie Marie (I call myself Kelly though).
    My Boyfriend:- Ian Leslie

    DD:- Amy-Louise - born.

    ......... John David & ........... Edward Stephen - these 4 middle names are after family (we would use one as a Fn and the other as a mn but would be to emotional for other family members as 2 of the people who these names are after have recently died. - except Stephen that's after my dad but there's 5 Stephen's/Steve's in the family already), but we can't think of FNs for them open to pretty much anything that sounds ok with Amy-Louise.

    Names we cannot use :- Max, Matthew, Christopher, Shane, Ashley, Craig, Harvey/Harley, Alfie, Archie, Alice, Kyle, Andrew, Paul, Michael, Riley/Reilly, Aaron, Cody, Joey, Benjamin, Ethan. - I will add more if people say more as I have a big family it's hard to remember them all.
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    davisellu - I dont really want to use David as a fn as it is both my grandfather's names and my aunts would probably get upset at hearing his name (Althought my grandfathers both got called mn's John & Fred my nan still called my grandad Dave/David when he wouldn't listen to her so it would be too emotional), Same with John being a fn as it would make my boyfriend's family upset. I dont mind Edward but It wouldnt feel right using it as a fn. - I love Henry & Theo but I wanted other options as well (I expect we will come back to those).

    Like:- Seth (I will ask about this one), Philip (we both like this but my friends boyfriend is called this so I dunno if we could use it), Grant (I will ask about this one also), Luke (i'm not keen on this one I like it as a nn for Lucas though), Ross (I like this one but I will ask my boyfriend), William (I love this name but I thought it would be too long with Edward & Stephen as MN's).

    Don't Like:- Eli (Really over used in the UK), Elias (I'v never heard this one before but i'm not too keen on), Gideon (I'm not keen on this it looks odd), Joseph (I like this but he doesnt so its out now :-(), Linus (Again I dont line the look of it), Marcus (I like this one feels a bit dated though), Simon (Although I do like this one might a bit weird naming a kid after a ex boyfriend of mine), Rowan (I'm not keen on this one as I only have heard it on girls), Victor (Feels a bit old again), Bruce (Again Feels a bit old), Carl (I new a Karl at school and he wasnt very nice so its put me off this name), Leo (Too popular in the UK), Nigel (It feels a bit old), Oliver (I like this but I dont like it with the surname ending in ER aswell), Paul (I cant use this its my boyfriends dads name and he is not spoke of), Trent (Doesn't feel right with our name style).


    Like:- Hugo (I'm not too keen on Hugo I like Huw though), Spencer (I love this name but would it sound ok with a surname ending in ER), Dexter (I like this one but again I dunno if it would sound ok with the ER surname), Oscar (I like this one but i'm unsure if he will but I will ask), Miles - I'm unsure on this one I will see what my boyfriend says, Harry - I love this one but would it get confusing for my sister-in-law who has a nephew called Harrison (We see him at christmas and birthdays), James - I love this one but James Edward was my boyfriends grandfathers name (James is his nephews middle name), Isaac - I'm unsure on it feels like its coming popular and then dropping again.

    Dont Like:- Charlie (This is really popular in the UK so I'm not keen on it), Felix (Reminds me of the cat off a advert), Truman (I'm not keen on this on as I only know it as a surname),
    Rex (Reminds me of the dinosaur off Rugrats), Arlo (I'm not too keen on this one), Roman (I'm not keen on this as where my parents come from its got a famous landmark with this name so it's unsuseable), Toby (although I love this name I had a son called Toby who was still born so I dont wanna use it again),
    Rhett (I love this one but i'm unsure if my boyfriend will he prefers simple names as he calls them), Ezra (I'm not keen on this one feels too old), Nelson (I'm unsure on this one the first thing that came to mind was Nelson Mandella), Colin - I think this is a bit too old, Quinn - I'm not keen on boys to girls names and girls to boys names, Roan & Kit - I'm not too keen on these two names.

    Thank you emsky -

    Jack - I'm not too keen on this one reminds me of a Jack Russell.
    Rhys - I LOVE THIS one I didnt think it sounded right.
    Graham(/Graeme) - Feels slightly dated to me.

    Ezra & Oliver - See above.
    Leo - Although I love my boyfriend has a friend who's got a son called this so i cant use it.

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