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Thread: Ingrid

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    Ingrid nn Indie is on my list, and I love her. Not sure she'll fit in our future sibset though, so you'll have to use her instead!

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    I love it! Unexpected and strong but cute in a clunky sort of way.
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    I adore the name Ingrid! I can never find anyone else that loves it too! Indie is such an unexpected nickname, I love it!
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    I love Ingrid. It's not foo-foo but it's feminine. It seems slim and graceful to me. It has a cool, polished sound.

    I never thought of Indie for it - my only misgiving about Ingrid was no nickname, so that makes me happy as an idea. I like Indie and the only formal name I had for it was Indigo, which is a bit hippie for me. Ingrid is much more grown-up (in a good way).

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    I love it! I have loved the name Ingrid for ages, and loved the nn Indie for ages, but never put them together. Like the PP I never cared for the longer names used for Indie - Indigo, Indiana, India - but Ingrid it lovely!
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