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    I adore Jane. I like it with a longer, more flowing middle though.

    Jane Xanthe - My favourite at the moment. I love classic Jane spiced with an unexpected middle, I like the full name, and I like "Jane X. Lastname."
    Jane Mariposa - 4 syllables is a lot, so it works best with a sleek first name.
    Jane Leocadia - L names feel melodious to me.
    Jane Esmeralda - I just like Esmeralda.
    Jane Tamar - Underused Biblical name. Pronounced ta-MAR, it has a great rhythm as a middle (the same that made Marie so popular) and I'd like to hear it more often.
    Jane Viola - Okay I just like a lot of Shakespearean names. Miranda, Cordelia, or Beatrice could work here too and for the same reason.

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    LOVE Jane!!!! I also really like it with a longer, "frillier" middle...
    Jane Caroline
    Jane Arabella
    Jane Augusta
    Jane Elizabeth
    Jane Susan
    Jane Vivenne
    Jane Isabelle
    Jane Rebecca
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    Jane Grace is a bit too similar for me--they're both one syllabi a_e names. Jane Elliot is very cute, but you might like to know that its the first and last name of an actual woman (i just had to do a project on her, so that's the only reason i know). this may not bug you at all but I figured I would mention it. I agree that Jane would be lovely with a frillier middle.

    Jane Aurora
    Jane Felicity
    Jane Eleanor
    Jane Therese
    Jane Christiana
    Jane Rosalind
    Jane Susannah
    Jane Amabel
    Jane Amelia
    Jane Florence
    Jane Calliope
    Jane Veronica

    also here are some unisex and/or spunky middles (like elliot)
    Jane Piper
    Jane Romilly
    Jane Rowan
    Jane Emerson
    Jane Finley
    Jane Emery
    Jane Fallon
    Jane Scarlet
    Jane Bryony
    Jane Fiona
    Catherine Zelie | Jude Francis
    Elanor Magdalene | Finnian ??
    Rosemary Lark | Calder Timothy
    Genevieve ?? | William Augustine
    Agnes Valentine | Harrison Peter

    Lucy ~ Fiona ~ Leia ~ Jane ~ Edith ~ Primrose ~ Gail ~ Gloria
    Elizabeth ~ Therese ~ Maisy ~ Susannah ~ Molly ~ Juniper

    August ~ Harrison ~ Benedict ~ Andrew/Ander ~ Ignatius
    Peter ~ Percival/Percy ~ Bram ~ Lewis ~ Oliver ~ Calvin

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    My first three suggestions are "plain" but I think it he combos are cute.
    Jane Marie
    Jane Elise
    Jane Paige
    Jane Carmella
    Jane Josephine
    Jane Lucille

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